Is Susan Boyle Headed for Another Breakdown?

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Near the end of her run on Britain's Got Talent, Susan Boyle lost it. She flipped out at people on the street and ended up in a hospital.

Now, as her debut CD breaks records and the singer is on the verge of global success, sources fear another breakdown for a woman that's never been anywhere near the spotlight before.

Great Britain's The Daily Mirror quotes neighbors of Boyle that say that she's been speaking in a strange American accent; complaining that her cat doesn't love her anymore; and blasting single from her CD around the clock.

"We’ve seen two ambulances and a doctor come to her house. Susan had told me she had been feeling pains in her stomach," neighbor Teresa Miller told the newspaper.

Singing Sensation

Over the weekend, Boyle said she was doing "very well;" but witnesses claim she burst into tears in New York - after performing on The Today Show, seen below - as the pressures of celebrity grew more intense.

Try to take it easy, SuBo. Your career is just taking off and we'd hate to see you become an older version of Britney Spears.

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Get this woman her own television show.
I would so watch an hour long talk show every night if she were the host.
Get her on Leno.
She is a refreshing breath of air.
SO sick of slick plastic hollywood fake botoxic crud.
We need down-to-earth REAL people.
put her on TV. thats where she belongs.
She is charming and witty as hell.
GREAT sense of humor. I love to watch her shimmy.
She has such a great time.
I do too when watching her perform.
Shes going all the way to the top.
not even started yet.


the susan boyle thing completely mystifies me. must be a tribute to the hold that manipulative media have over a celebrity obsessed moronic public. ok she can sing. so can lots of other people. mark my words it will destroy her. remimds me a bit of the singing whale in the old disney movie. how stupid the public is. lol


The author of this article knows he has printed a pile of crap, he's just trying to get hits to his blog. Most of his material is pulled from old gossip articles that were a load of crap then and they're a load of crap now. Susan Boyle is just fine and loving her new life. Obviously those who are commenting don't believe it either, since they are not giving the content of this....this....this....ummmm...garbage the time of day lmao!


Great idea! Susan Boyle sings and Brittany Spears does the lip synching and dancing? Kind of like Milli Vanilli. Either way, nobody wants to actually look at Susan Boyle singing.


Robin williams understands very well about strippers and cocaine, hollywood is the biggeste industry of them.


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