Denise Richards Threatens to Expose EVERYTHING About Charlie Sheen

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The most astounding aspect of the recent Charlie Sheen allegations? It isn't that the actor may have held a knife to Brooke Mueller's throat and threatened to have her professionally killed.

Instead, it's the fact that Denise Richards now seems like the sane one in her former marriage to Sheen.

Richards and Sheen have two daughters together (Sam and Lola; you may have recognize them from the countless paparazzi photos Richards posed the kids for, and/or from her nauseating E! reality series) and got messily divorced in 2007.

Therefore, if there's one woman that can relate to the troubles Mueller has gone through with Sheen, it's this self-serving, talentless actress.

Seemingly in response to the scandal surrounding her ex, Richards Tweeted today:

Denise Tweet

It's hard not to wonder what else the Q-list celebrity could spill. She's already said Sheen exposes his private parts to minors over the Internet and beats on dogs.

But it looks like Denise Richards has found a way to sneak back into the celebrity gossip spotlight. Damn you, Charlie Sheen, for creating this opportunity!

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I still think Denise is crazy. At this point she could say anything and people would believe her given the fact that Charlie's such a shmuck.


I believe Denise also. I think she shows a lot of tact and grace in not saying anything right now. No-one believed her when her marriage was falling apart, including me. Charlie Sheen's PR Team made sure she came across as a lying, scheming, bitc#. Recent events are seeming to vindicate Denise. I think she's truthful and shows grace and honesty. I also thought she came across as very real in her recent series. I actually started to like her. She was a victim, just like Brooke! I hope Brooke divorces him!!!!! A leopard cannot change his spots!!!!!


why would she make it up? Gut instinct says she's being truthful.


Lee Ann, you don't know if its true about him hitting dogs..its easy to say anything like that...we need proof first...Denise could be making this all up...we just don't know


'Beats on dogs'??? OK, that is it---I'm never watching anything Charlie Sheen appears in ever again. He is a sick man, and I don't care if he is the highest paid 'actor' in Hollyweird, he should take a lot of that money and get help NOW. --a former fan.