Chris Henry 911 Call Reveals Chilling Details

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A 911 call from a woman driving behind Chris Henry during the pickup truck incident that ultimately took his life provided a new, scary take on the events.

She told the dispatcher that the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, shirtless, was "beating on the back window of the truck," presumably from its bed.

His arm was in a cast from injuries suffered during this NFL season.

At some point during the Wednesday incident, the football player fell from the truck, sustaining injuries that left Chris Henry dead at age 26 this morning.

A second person also called 911 after Chris Henry fell.

Reporting the severity of the situation, the man said that Henry was "laying in the middle of the road," was clearly badly injured and surrounded by people.

It is unclear what prompted the bizarre situation, but Henry's fiancee, Loleini Tonga, was believed to have been driving the vehicle he fatally fell from.

You can listen to both 911 calls here.

R.I.P. The Cincinnati Bengals' Chris Henry (1983-2009).


she should have stopped period no excuse... when he jumped in the back of the truck it became a dangerous situation and she should have stopped.... There is no excuse for this he would probably still be alive if she would have just stopped no matter how angry she was.


Why did she keep going? She should be tried just like anyone else! How could she say she loved him when he is in the back of a speeding pickup with one arm in a cast and she would not stop. What kind of parent can she be? She took that away from Chris! She is a killer who does not deserve to raise their children!


I agree lee la, that doesn't make sense. I saw a report that said she DID stay though and when questioned she said he jumped. BUT, it supposedly happened on a winding stretch of road. Regardless, he shouldn't have been back there but she should have stopped sooner. So sad. why do people have to fight?

@ pak31

You are stupid because that ugly bitch never stopped the truck dumbass! You are lying! And that ugly bitch lied about what happened to Chris! Get your fucking facts straight bitch! You sound dumb just like that dumb hoe! Get a life bitch!


Why didnt this women leave him? why didnt she call for help when he fell? I can't believe this is someone he wanted to marry


She killed him. There goes her life with that memory. Poor guy.