Audrina Patridge Returning to The Hills

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You may exhale now. Audrina Patridge will be back on The Hills next season.

After weeks of negotiations, Us reports she will return: “I can officially confirm that Audrina Patridge will appear in the 6th season of The Hills," her rep said.

"Production will resume shortly after the new year. Next week, Audrina begins filming the pilot episode of her currently unnamed spinoff show, also for MTV."

"The new show will be produced by Mark Burnett."

Nice plug for the new show, rep.

In an exciting twist, a source close to Audrina Patridge, says it's possible that both of her reality shows will be intertwined. There's only one problem we see:

There would have to be material worth watching involving Audrina on either show, and there really hasn't been in multiple seasons ... if at all, honestly.

How many more times can we sit and watch her whine about Justin-Bobby and say "I'm done with you!" when we know it's not even true? Just saying.

In any case, she greased the machine over at the network for serious dough: "She is getting six figures per episode," an insider dished. "It's a lucrative deal."

While that sum sounds absolutely ludicrous, and without question it is, when Jersey Shore is MTV's next hottest program, Audrina has some serious leverage.


Audrina Is the only Christmas wish I have this year! She is so pretty and I wish her the world of happiness.


Audrina Rocks! She has a perfect sense of being and I admire her self esteem also, she is an imperfect but perfect human being, I love her and she kicks butt. Kroq Almost aquistic chrisrtmas party 2009. OH YESS she is adorable and "fun as hell".


i love her!!
i dont mind LC or Kristen, but my fav has always been Audrina.
but i have never liked whitney. why should she get a show but not audrina?


Hello, I'm really who wants to watch her...she is so boring and her teeth are so freaking I love her but I love her on the hills I could not see myself watching an whole show about freaking Audrina, she is not LC, Whitteny or Kristin...just dosen't bring the drama


hahahahahahhahahha I love it, This is just amazing, Team Audrina.


Hay Shay......... go fck a dead bear!


Audrina doesn't deserve six figures. Like really, she doesn't, hasn't and will never bring anything worth watching to the table. Unless, she's taken advice from Kristin and decided to kick start her acting career on the next season, because directors can't take her seriously as an actress. She'll probably end up being bestfriends with Kristin towards the end of next season to get more air-time. Funny how they've been partying it up already and have remained in contact via texting when they supposedly weren't speaking. hmmm! lol

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