Adam Lambert on The View: What's the Big Deal?

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Because ABC is so afraid of Adam Lambert, the network pre-taped his appearance on The View last week.

The singer jokingly referred to this fact when he sat down with Barbara Walters and company, warning viewers to shield their children from the TV sets.

When asked by the host if he's hurt by ABC's constant cancellations and censorship, Lambert replied:

"I'm surprised. I'm like, 'Really. Is it that big of a deal?'"

We couldn't agree more. If Elisabeth Hasselbeck can handle sitting next to this supposedly toxic influence, we're pretty sure everyone else can take a deep breath and relax. Check out his View interview below:

Lambert also appeared at Z100's Jingle Ball in NYC on Friday night. Click on the photos of him backstage at the event for larger images:

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Adam is awesome! I admit I was dissapointed in his AMA performance because I wanted him to show off the wonderful voice that we all know he has, but I have since gotten over it. As pointed out by numerous people-Adam included-there are much worse things shown in prime time and no one complains about. As for Adam giving the finger, he already stated it was NOT for his fans but for OUT magazine-I took no offense to it. His album is fantastic and I hope he puts out many more in the future. It's time to move on from his AMA performance-it's old news.


If Adam Lambert is so very talented then he should let his talent speak for itself. It has been proven over the years that sex does sell. He obvously feels the need to push what he is selling with a sexually charged performance. That says a lot.


Adam is a true talent and such a nice guy. He is truly beautiful inside and out. It's time to grow up and move on from the AMA performance and listen to his CD and enjoy. He will be on Conan tonight and the finale of SYTYCD and Jay Leno. As usual he will put on a wonderful performance.


To Bigdeal and anybody else who has bad comments about Adam, go get a life!!! Stop hounding Adam, or maybe you just like him a bit?


lol...Mona999, you need to "critique" is my opinion...I am not alone in my feelings and apparently this irks you...whatever, your hate for people that do not care for this guy's music does nothing for your cause, honey...All the defensive attacks against people for voicing their opinion in a public forum, well...I guess you just can't handle it, sorry....maybe you should stop being so narrow minded or stop reading comments altogether....I've really seen alot of hate and horrible things posted about why I must dislike Adam and how his sales aren't really all bad, etc....What is all boils down to is that you seem to putting wayyy too much effort into coming up with excuses and hateful comments on people, trying to bully them into submission....kinda strange, you learn that from Pigez?


Listen, for_real_tho, you certainly are entitled to express your opinion. But what you are being criticized for is negatively critiquing a singer where you know you will find his fans. It just makes you stick out like a sore thumb. I suppose if you need the attention, that is the way to get it. You would find much less opposition going to a blog where your opinions are appreciated. This is not one of them.


The straight smart successful women of The View think like adults. They got it right. The hoopla about Adam's AMA musical performance is totally asinine, stupid. Daytime soaps are more graphic and there was not a thing, nothing, nada, zip, zero in Adam's performance that has not been seen before. The View: they like Adam. Me too.


Mona999...if you dont want opinions dont look for them, esp not on a tabloid rag of the many famous for being mean and nasty....BTW I would like Adam if he wasn't a screecher, he scream sings all the time, it is awful, and his album sucks....This has nothing to do with him as a person, and yourself...are all entitled to have our opinion and voice it wherever we want....get over it


Oh and I forgot, as far as the giving the finger goes, Adam even explained that it was not for his fans. You guys really need to get your information correctly before posting it. It is apparent, no matter how you defend yourselves that you guys are waiting to jump on Adam Lambert at a moment's notice. Anyone with some brains in their head can see through this. So, if you hate him so much I suggest you don't buy his music, don't support him and get your closest friends and family to do the same. You are kind of wasting your time here. Fans rarely change their minds based on other people's opinions. They will just like what they like. We just love Adam.


The same people screaming about Adam probably have no problem with daytime soap operas showing people rolling around in bed with someone different everyday. Or, what about daytime talk shows where the conversations are about masturbation or orgasms. I'm sure that these guys would have no problem watching lesbian sex, as a matter of fact, guys get off on that, but Adam Lambert, oh my! We can't show that at 11 p.m. All the naysayers need to get off their high horse, I'm sure you aren't perfection, even though you think you are. Afterall, anyone that thinks or acts differently than you is just plain wrong. Give me a break. Since when did you write the book on how everyone should live their lives and if you want to quote the bible, I remember something being said like, "turn the other cheek, and don't judge, lest you be judged." You'd be so much better off spending your time helping and not berating other people.


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