ABC Kisses Off Adam Lambert Again

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Adam Lambert was honored by Barbara Walters this week as one of the most Fascinating People of 2009.

However, during the special, ABC special did NOT air a clip of the same-sex kiss that took place between the singer and his keyboard player at this year's AMAs.

Said the network in its defense: "It was an editorial decision to show very little from the performance and focus on the fresh, new interview with Adam Lambert."

Hmmm... sounds fishy for two reasons:

  1. The interview largely focused on the kiss.
  2. The network did show Lady GaGa kissing a woman during an interview with that superstar, saying of the difference: "The Lady Gaga kiss was used quickly in context of things that upset her father."

ABC added:

"The network has a solid record of showing gay men and women in primetime, which is why GLAAD has given ABC top honors for the positive portrayal of gays and lesbians for the past several years."

That may be true, but Lambert fans can't get over the double standard applied to this burgeoning star. Will ABC's statements satisfy his rabid fan base? If you're included in it, you tell us!


To those of you who say Adam is talented, agree! To those of you who say his actions were the "norm"..shame on you for accepting such things... Adam is a talent, and for him to engage in such antics on TV - is to take away from his talent. Anyone can be crude, rude, nasty if they want to be. He can sing, so he doesn't need to distract attention from his performance with such crude actions.




The For Your Entertainment video is the best I've seen since Michael Jackson's early videos. His only misstep was the AMAs - but he's making up for that less than stellar vocal and mistake in judgement by one amazing performance after another. He is an incredibly talented and fascinating performer!!!


The HG loves lembert, so whats next? If Adam records himself buying his own CD, The Media would be all over it. Please! All of you are bigotry and bias. Supporting Adam at any cost. LOL!!! Adam is a screechy, castrati-like, same old tone screamer...Annoying! Allison was the best. Matt second. Kris third. Megan fourth, and Danny fifth. Adam should have been kicked off the show for being just like all 1980's long hair screamers.


Dear Madame Barbara Walters, I recorded and listened to your “10 Most fascinating people…� and The view with Adam Lambert. There are two conclusions:
1. I adore you for supporting our beloved, talented, charismatic, witty, articulate, sweet, kind, generous and OH! So gorgeous ADAM. You helped him at the perfect time. I will never be able to thank you enough for this.
2. I figured out who was the most fascinating person among the 10. Sorry , it was NOT Michelle. She just married great. That’s it that’s all. The only person that fascinated me more than Adam was…………YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you are fascinating because you are still young, smart, connected, you prove you like life, and you still can represent the American nation and STAND for your bright ideas / tastes / opinions. LOVE YOU BARBARA WALTERS. YOU ARE FASCINATING.


The whole AMA thing is pathetic. He did it in hopes of getting attention becuase he is just not that good. I assume by rabid fan base you meant they were ill and unable to go to music stores and buy his stuff. So far he has shown he can't handle potential fame. I hope he grows up soon. He could be a decent musician if he does.


adam your like girl like miley cyrus,but miley cyrus like boy


Love his CD, love it more everytime I listen to it, it has beautiful, moving ballads, great work out and dance music, the words to the music are understandable and meaningful, just not alot of words strung together as alot of music is these days. I met Adam last night at an event in Tampa, he is friendly, gracious, and giving to his fans, the guy stood their and smiled while his picture was taken over and over again with groups of fans, he hugged and conversed with endless patience. There were some other well known stars at this event, but the only one the majority wanted to meet was Adam... I think he will enjoy many, many minutes, hours, years of fame...Rock on Adam!


Adam Lamebert is a no talent idiot peacock who couldn't sing his way out of a paper bag. The only reason he's on anybodys tv show is because they book him to make fun of him! Hi's just another American Idol Justin guraweenie who you probably don't even remember and whom Lamebert will join soon no doubt in obscurity. He's a joke nothing more.


This one performance does not define who Adam is, which is the most talented performer since Elvis and Michael. Get over it!!!!
Bill Clinton had 2 terms as President in spite of leaving his DNA on a dress!

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