World's Tallest Model Graces Magazine Cover

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Talk about a big splash! An American model measuring 205 cm (she's about 6'9") is set to be featured on the cover of Australian magazine Zoo Weekly.

You think you've seen it all. The model, named Eve, appears on the cover of the magazine's current issue alongside a 162 cm-tall (5'3") Aussie model.

Kate Middleton: Pregnant Bride!

On Seinfeld, George Constanza dreamed of one day sleeping with a giant woman. But George was a short, bald fella. To him, tall meant about 5'11".

Eve is truly head and shoulders above the other models out there.

"No other magazine has put a woman who's nearly seven feel tall on the cover," editor Paul Merrill said, and he's probably correct in that assumption.

"We had ... her bikini specially made, but it was worth it."

Was it? Vote below!

Eve, the world's tallest model: Would you hit it?


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I thought I was tall, I'm 6"1, I think she looks amazing! I've been teased for my height, so I feel sorry if this woman has, but to all of those people who are calling her a man and stuff, I think she's gorgeous!Those are literally the best legs in the world!The midget's got tubby calves, but the tall girl is gorgeous!


call me this number baby 0323_4078070 i live in pakistan ok sexe


I love your hight and i sex with u baby


I could climb that !!!!!!!!


Whoop that bitch!


I 5"8 and I got no fear a 7 foot red head hottie .....hey eve what's up halla at ya boy I'll keep it hard all night for you


LOL, save the picture and zoom it, its clearly photo shopped !!


ppl will find something to say about this but i dont really care. ppl are saying that she's a man or ugly or whatever but she's my height and yes im pretty tall but it really not that tall and if google other tall women most of them actually look worse (alot worse)and they have bigger builds than regular height women. its just the way it happens women arent supposed to be that tall but when it happens its cuz their hormones are jacked, not her fault. o and im actually proportional and yes my hands and head and feet are bigger than other guys that are only a little shorter than me.


The red thing belongs in a cage.


I'd bang the short bitch but she have to lose her man friend freak first. Shit, that giant one ugly dude.