Sarah Palin is Not Smart

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Okay, maybe our headline above is a little harsh.

Maybe when Sarah Palin confused Iraq with Iran in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity this week, it was just a slip of the tongue and we should back off.

Yet when you're talking about a woman who noted Alaska's close proximity to Russia to bolster her foreign policy credentials, benefit of the doubt is lacking.

Check out her geographical blunder below and see what you think. Maybe she's a visionary and we should crack down on Iraq to prevent a nu-cue-lar Iran.

Whether she's the future of politics or just another random d-lister trying to bolster her own celebrity, Sarah is the gossip world's gift that keeps on givin' ...


You people really should stop reading World Net Daily and listening to the Chicken Little conspiracy theories. That being said, facts don't matter to you people anyway, we've all tried to correct your inaccuracies and you just don't care. You'd prefer to hate Obama no matter what he does. None of you jackasses said a damn thing when Bush spent us out of house and home, started two wars we are still fighting, and took away our rights from illegal search and seizure, no you said that he HAD to take away our rights because it was the only way to keep us safe. Uh huh and isn't that what they want you to think? Guess what jerkface, we will never get those rights back. All of you are hypocrites with your pretend Christian b.s. I doubt very highly Jesus would act like you creeps.


How many states did the telepromted wizard, Obama, say he had visited during the campaign? And why has his academic record been sealed?


I really hope Sarah Palin does get the nomination for the Republicans in 2012, she would be the most polarizing candidate and it would be nothing for a Democratic win against her. You either love her or hate her and only the small Conservative base, religious zealots and all, really think she is "qualified" to lead. Yeah lead our country right into a religious fascist dictatorship.


georgi dear, if liberals were so afraid of her, she would be the vice-president. I agree with the above poster, she's a maroon! And thanks for the Bugs ref! However, if she were to, say, be mistaken for a moose, & get shot, my day would be made that much brighter! Ooh, I'm so evil! No I'm not, I'm KARMABRINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't know Mrs. Palin's IQ, but it has to be much higher than the individual in the Oval Office, and the majority on the Hill that seem to have no idea about the Constitution, or the founding of this country on Bibical principles


We didn't want her in Alaska then, and the nation doesn't want her now. Maybe Russia our neighbors in Russia can find something to do with her.


And Obama said he's campaigned in all 57 states. The president of the united states is not smart. But then, just look at failed policy after failed policy, his drooping approval, the growing dissent for THAT PROOF. World ends in 2012? Because he's getting the boot.


Next please.


BTW, Sarah ANSWERED the question that she was so miffed about when Katie Couric asked. WHAT DO YOU READ?
HER actual answer a year later is WORSE then her non answer! M'lady READS NEWSMAX, actually she ABSORBS it, she SEZ.
What a freaking maroon this lady is, what a side show, what a tap dancing vaudevillian news whore.


thanx for the hate, she wouldn't be as popular if you morons didn't help elevate her to rock star status! wasn't she supposed to be a footnote by now? hahahahahaha......all the way to the bank

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