Robert Pattinson Featured in Vanity Fair, Bashes Tabloid Coverage of Robsten

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In the latest issue of Vanity Fair, Robert Pattinson says he is not dating Kristen Stewart. He refers to his Twilight Saga co-star as a "good friend," but also says it doesn't matter what he claims.

"It doesn't make any difference what you say [to the tabloids. I've literally been across the country [from Kristen], and it’s like 'Oh, they were on secret dates!' It's like 'Where? I can't get out of my hotel room!'"

Wait, does that mean Rob and Kristen did NOT give OK! Weekly a tour of their apartment last month?!?

Handsome Cover

Elsewhere in the article, Pattinson does acknowledge the positive influence Stewart has had on his life. He says:

"It's quite nice to have someone who is genuinely indifferent to the whole spectacle of everything."

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair goes all supermarket tabloid in the feature, speculating on Robert's relationship with Kristen and analyzing their interactions like any trashy, celebrity gossip magazine would do.

"It's very likely that their off-screen relationship mirrored their on-screen one: an intense attraction that couldn't be realized... [Stewart] and Pattinson have mastered the not-touching thing," writes Evgenia Peretz in the piece.

At the end of the day, whether these two are dating is none of our business. Everyone should just relax and drool over Robert Pattinson pictures from the shoot. Enjoy...


Who cares if they're dating, I mean I'm a huge fan of the saga, and want them to date but its not our business...


Rob can do better han Kristen . She is a crack addict,and she is 2 young 4 him.


yummmmm he is quite good looking


Thank you Hollywood Gossip for bringing these pictures into my life!


Rob is very clever with his words. Notice how he never came right out and flatly denied a romantic relationship with Kristen. I say they are together and more than 'good friends'


i love him. seriously i do! yum:)


hey,u look hot ,if u do not have whiskers,[joking]
kool,have a nice day


You mean this wasn't true? All this??!! I can't believe it! Or is Rob lying!


ARGH! can he get any hotter.
hi don't care about the lack of showers he is absolutely ADORABLE!


Ohhh Robertttt. I love youuuu!!! His coat is hawt! :D


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