Report: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Living Together, Like a "Married Couple"

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are notorious for craving their privacy, avoiding the press and only granting interviews when obligated to hype the Twilight Saga.

Incredibly, however, the couple has agreed to allow an unreliable supermarket tabloid into its home and has provided it with an all-access pass into its life!

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And if you believe that, you must also be impressed with how real Heidi Montag's boobs are.

In its latest issue, OK! Weekly claims to have "exclusive photos" from Kristen and Rob's apartment, along with first-person quotes from the pair that provide fans with "intimate details" about how they spend their free time.

Our best guess? By laughing at stories concocted by desperate publications.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did NOT grant this magazine access into its apartment. But the pair is starring in New Moon and you can check out a bevy of still images from the movie NOW!


This is obviously bogus, but who cares how they live even if they did live together. there are some details the world does not need to know


oh yeah... they're married, they've got kids too... and pets... and they retired together and walked into the sunset. :(


This magazine is a joke! I have bought several issues including this one. The pictures they provide are of nothing more than a hotel room, Kristen and Rob are in NONE of the pictures and the story line is just ludcris.


what? They're in the same house without being married?! Is that legal? Anyway, thy look superb. I love them both!!!


Completely FAKE!!! They are way too private to grant a gossip magazine such intimate details!!!


how much more BS can a gossip mag make up, surely no one believes this, right?


i love this picture of them, its totally cute


LOL! LOLouder! Ok Magazine you are the limit!


And like they would really go to this rag mag with the interview let alone an exclusive?? NOT! if they did do anything like this, I think they'd go to People or something equal, for it's rep. But I think they would just quietly let it be known by acting like any other "normal" celebrity couple. Either way, they really need to cut the crap & leave Rob & Kristen alone. This garbage is insulting to them & to us as the public & their fans.


'OK magazine' sucks... always has stupid stories about Rob and Kristen. UGH!

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