Michael Lohan to Release "Everything" on Lindsay

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Ding, ding!

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    It's hard to have respect for any adult, celeb or not, who airs their dirty laundry in public. This is a personal situation between a father and a daughter and it's no one's business. Why can't people argue, discuss, what ever behind closed doors???


    its like how siblinds fight, he has to realize he is the father and she is the daughter. get over yourself


    GOLD!!!! They're realted by blood, it runs in the family - trashiness at its best - why don't the Lohans have a reality show ?? C'mon Yanks - pull ye fingers out - where's Seacrest when you need him ?!


    I hear ya JL...I guess he is willing to give up whatever relationship they have for her life....kinda bitter sweet, if it does work...


    And a person wonders why she's so screwed up. Damn, her mother the enabler, the younger sister who seems to idolize her and will most likely end up like her within the next few years if she keeps it up and then there's the idiotic father who's been in and out of jail her entire life. In no way do I feel sorry for her but damn....girl has a lot of issues to deal with. Michael Lohan has the right idea here, she does need help before she ends up killing herself but he's going on about it the wrong way. Making her hate him more isn't going to make her listen.


    BTW, she says that the recording was from a long time ago; however, she clearly speaks of the recent break up with Sam,....hmmm, guess who is lieing


    If he's gonna do it, he may as well go all out. The only point he made on that last" release" is that she is unstable....this was not news, lol. I guess we also got the idea that she does in fact call him and, apparently, she does feel compelled to seek comfort from him....this kinda nullifies her claim that she has not had anythign to do with him since he left her mother....hmmm....wonder who is more desperate, Michael-to get throught to his daughter, Lindsay-to keep her situation under wraps, Ali-to keep her excuse to stay out all night & party it up like a rock star, in action, or Dina-to keep her one client and source of income on the tab....We will have to see who is the last one standing...

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