Lindsay Lohan: Gaunt, Unstable

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Lindsay Lohan says that she's never been happier in life.

Recent photos and behavior seem to suggest otherwise.

The gaunt-looking singer-actress-fashion disaster put on a show at Jermaine Dupri and Pascal Mouawad's Nu Pop Movement launch party in West Hollywood.

With messy hair and skeletal frame, Lindsay Lohan was disheveled as she spoke. Inside, she smoked, played with her Blackberry and scored "tons of swag."

It's the Adderall talking.

When given a free watch, she joked about giving it to her estranged dad Michael. Chatting with celebrity gossip photographers later, she slammed her dad again.

"Why don't you go find my dad, he's the one who wants to be in the pictures," she said as the paparazzi did its thing. Funny stuff, but it's clearly wearing on her.

For the love of G*d, look at that photo. Shudder.


I like Lindsay Lohan, but she's obviously made bad choices. Add that to constantly being in the public eye; criticism and being scrutinized go hand in hand. I wouldn't consider her going to REHAB as being "successful." I'm wondering if people in hollywood are starting to think she's a joke...but she's trying with her fashion shows and what-not.
She's still young, despite her bad pictures. Maybe she'll "bounce back" like britney has been doing.


Insecure people?? No how about disgruntled EX fan


"beautiful. wealthy. succesful. busy. talented' are we looking at the same picture? she looks like a strung out junkie. look at her looks like stringy hay. wealthy...maybe at one time she was wealthy but she is circling the drain as of now. if she had money she wouldn't steal or show up at these loser events. successful? her last successful film was made over 3 years ago. sorry i know who killed me and labor pains were total bombs. busy...yeah busy getting high and drunk. talented? maybe once upon a time, but she pissed it all away along with her looks with drugs and drinking. put a fork in this girl b/c she is DONE


Beautiful. Wealthy. Successful. Busy. Talented.
No wonder some insecure people hate her.


"He's the one who wants to be in the [pictures]"? If she had just a little sanity left, she wouldn't be at every jar opening - sloppy, high and crazy.


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I just want to live a happy, healthy year and continue on the path I've been on and be with the person I care about and my family.

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