Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Purchase Mansion, 15 More Minutes in the Spotlight

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They may have a fake marriage, but they'll soon reside in a very real, very expensive home.

Multiple source confirm that Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian have purchased a $4 million mansion in Tarazana, California.

Its amenities reportedly include a spa, waterfall, cabanas, parking for 15 cars, a home theater, steam room and gym. We also assume the house has a direct line to the paparazzi, so Khloe and Lamar can call ahead and alert photographers to their impending whereabouts.

Hungry for Food, Attention

TMZ first reported the purchase of this $3.995 million estate, which features seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It's located in a gated, guarded community.

No word yet on whether Odom or Kardashian will get the property after the couple inevitably divorces in approximately six months if they ever call it quits.


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"Spread more love" now that is a story that the Hollywood Gossip doesn't want to talk about because they hate to give the Kardashians any good credit for anything good


Not worth reading - too negative and spreading false info about someones life. Don't bother reading this.


Lamar Odom, known among his teammates as a caring and giving person, reached out to the local community Monday after Lakers practice, visiting the City of Hope in Duarte. Odom, along with his wife, reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, visited a children's cancer unit in Duarte and passed out toys and passed along the holiday spirit. Odom did the event through his charity, Cathy's Kids Foundation, which he has dedicated to underprivileged youth and to cancer research. Odom started the foundation in 2004 in memory of his mother, Cathy Mercer, who died from cancer when he was 12. Source- L. A. Times Now that's a story!!!

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