Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Hate on Hate

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With the exception of Kim posing nude for Playboy, we rarely agree with any actions taken by the Kardashians.

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    shut up tracy, you are just jealous, you wish you were a kardashian


    The KKK are the most disgusting and annoying pieces of trash out there right now. Kim is a bona fide no talent bird brain diva and Khloe is half man or at least ten times the man Bruce is. She has absolutely no respect for others and deserves to be dissed because of her bad attitude which stinks up every place she grazes. The younger sister is just as much a tramp as Kim and proudly displays her one night stand sleep with anybody and probably don't know who the father of her child really is - only DNA can reveal. The mom is beyond looney and raised her daughters to prostitute themselves regardless of the shame. But the worst is that pansy weido looking almost female and totally wimp Bruce. Only a soup brain nutless bag of air like him could tolerate these skanky flee ridden female dogs. Please don't let the rest of this mangy pack of wolves produce more doggy trash for the world to endure.


    correction step up to these tramps


    Well if you have money and you are a black man with fame step right on up to thses tramps. And when they leave your lame ass you should be BROKE>


    Oh so lets see Carrie Prejean gets called a bitch and a cu** and she and others for traditional marriage are the one one filled with hate? And what about those huge protests in front of the Mormon Church? Oh and why no protests in front of any black churches since African Americans voted by the largest numbers for Prop 8? I guess gays only go after the politicaly acceptable white groups. They don't dare mess with the brothers in South central LA.Pathetic .


    "With the exception of Kim posing nude for Playboy, we rarely agree with any actions taken by the Kardashians.

    But all three sisters have earned our praise this week for supporting the NOH8 Campaign and the legalization of gay marriage."

    And with that comment you remind us why we shouldn't take the advice of such irresponsible buffoons as the Kardashians.


    Awesome! More celebraties telling people in the real world how ruin their culture.

    Of the small amount of legal gay marriages 65% have already ended in divorce. What a joke subject.

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