Joanna Krupa: Topless for PETA

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Next month, readers of Playboy and surfers of the Internet will be able to see Joanna Krupa nude in Playboy.

Moreover, they can see this model almost naked in a former ad for PETA.

Hot Dancer

With those images in mind, it's difficult to get overly excited for Krupa's latest PETA campaign. She's merely topless in the poster.

Said Krupa, who poses in the ad with her dog and advocates pet adoption:

"We're trying to spread the word that breeding isn't the way to go. Somebody needs to put their foot down and stop this breeding and these puppy mills... they're in these little tiny cages, and all they're doing is breeding their whole life. It makes me so angry that our government doesn't do anything about it. So I am!"

Hey, maybe Sarah Palin will do something about it if elected in 2012. Oh, wait. She likes to shoot animals, not save them.


Krupa should have beat Kelly Osbourne..she was way more talented than Kelly..actually this ad is quiet today's standards.


why a rosary (and now a crucifix)? why not an Islamic crescent and star? Haven't we been picked on long enough? Pick on the other guy's symbols!


The use of Catholic symbols is not only out of place but offensive and only serve to show Hollywoods disregard for religion, specifically Christianity. As shown in the 2012 movie, Muslim symbols are left untouched but it is OK to abuse and show disrepect to Catholic and Christians symbols.


aww she didnt win dancing with the stars


Why is she holding a rosary? Completely out of place.


Maybe she should start an organization to help people pay to have their pets spayed and neutered. Until then she should shut up!


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