Joanna Krupa Nude Photos: Revealed!

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No offense to Marge Simpson, but Playboy is set to feature a truly gorgeous naked woman in its next issue.


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    hmm...seems to me if she wasn't hot then her dancing wouldn't have been an issue. and since when are you a slut if you take your clothes off and smile? Wow...just speechless really.


    How unkind dance fan. Try to remember; if you have nothing good to say don't say anything. The negative vibes you are spreading are poisoning the environment. Your jealousy is so transparent it's almost sad. A comment like that leaves you not even near being "classy" yourself. Perhaps you are not the best candidate to judge. This planet would be a much better place if instead of slumming we tried to appreciate others talents or attributes . We all have something different to offer. Perhaps not to everyone's liking but there is such thing as "FREE CHOICE". Don't like it, don't participate. Have a good life and lighten up.


    very nice, when girls in our country will be so generous?


    I like Joanna. She's not only hot but seems like a humble person.

    I enjoyed seeing her dance especially since she was an underdog coming into this competition.

    I think it was unfair for those two morons on ABC, the overpaid football brain football player Jerry Rice and that other bafoon Bobby Manes or whatever his name is, to slam her. That probably led to her being eliminated.

    Nevertheless I say, Go Joanna!!


    UM a slut? Yea Im sure EVERYONE looks like her too??? Pleassse! Give me a break - she is STUNNING and should flaunt it!


    Yea, anybody can be a slut!


    So glad this stupid woman finally got kicked off dancing with the stars. Everytime she lifts her leg without pointing her foot she looks like a dog taking a piss. Everytime she blew air kisses I wanted to throw up. What a fake! She's not classy at all!


    Oh yea, real art. How hard is it to stand there naked and have your picture taken? The pic of her squatting looks like she's going to the bathroom. That's art? Art is something that takes talent to create. Anyone(with her figure) could do this.


    please meet our "PLAYBOY":
    .................................PATRICIA PAAY!!

    (please do)


    Wow Playboy looks like french VOGUE now - French Vogue always runs topless and bare butt stuff with celebs and models. Love it, True art,

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