Jessica Simpson Tweets: Melrose Place is Crap

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As we recently reported, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was given the pink slip by the CW's Melrose Place, joining the growing ranks of unemployed Americans.

In the wake of her sister's firing, Jessica Simpson says she is no longer a fan, taking to Twitter to defend Ash and bash Melrose Place for letting her go.

In Shape Jessica

Here's what she wrote to the CW:

"Catching up on MP. who writes this crap? i have had some bad scripts to work with, but this? thank God my sister is amazing and got you some press."

Of course, the show feels it will improve with her gone.

According to various reports, Ashlee was canned because producers feel she can't act, and was therefore responsible for the aforementioned bad scripts.

SISTERLY SUPPORT: However delusional she may be, Jessica has Ashlee's back.

"They hired her because they needed a good name to help create buzz," a set insider said. "But it backfired when she was so embarrassingly bad."

"Producers cut her down as much as possible."

Seconds another source, according to Us Weekly: “[Ashlee] is the worst actress, but nobody will tell her.” THG NOTE: We have certainly tried ...

Anyway, what's next for Ashlee? Possibly more acting. The girl is undeterred by the recent eviction from her day job, according to a source:

"She’s reading scripts. Acting is her focus now. If she had an album, she’d have to tour and be away from Bronx. She wants consistency.”


XxXxX, According to the Jessica Simpson-Dolly Parton bond headline comments, I thought you hated both Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. I guess I thought wrong. Well anyways I apologize for my defensive comments towards you in the other post. That was ignorant of me. Thank you for at least having a heart for both of them, man. I LOVE both Ashlee&Jessica Simpson alot. I think they're both sweet girls with good hearts. I also think it was Fucked up that Melrose Place got rid of Ashlee. I don't think there's anything wrong with the way either of them sing or act. The Simpson Sisters ain't done nuthin' to nobody to deserve this unjust bullshit. How Fucked Up!? Ash and Jess, I'm truely sorry for both of you girls. You both deserve better than that.


its true though, the only reason i watched melrose place was because jessica simpson wrote about it on twitter. whatever though i thought it was good?


When Ashley was on that CW show, the one about the preacher and his family, she was acclaimed by the critics. How could anyone forget to act? It is probably the easiest job in the world!! Her debut album was pretty good, too.....I seem to remember it going to #1m at one point. Needless to say, she got beat out by Heather Locklear....who wanted the dough, and they said they couldn't pay it unless they let Ashley go. So, they are now trying a last ditch effort to save a shiteous show....Whatever happened to original shows, anyways? Hopefully these sisters will fair this new media tirade well....they are such easy targets, too bad this world seems to be overtaken with Perez-wannabes, loaded with hate and bitterness against hetero females.


Its good that they have each other but Im sure she probably cant act tbh!!


i feel bad for them they try, but wateva they do people comment, but i guess thats just life! :\


Jessica and Ashlee are crap!! LOSERS!!


Ashlee=CAN'T ACT or SING!! Jessica is seriously DELUSIONAL and a nut case! They both are!!They both CAN'T ACT or SING-it's that simple!! NO TALENT!!


It's nice to stick up for a sister and all but seriously I'm not even sure why Ashlee even tries. Just another bad actress who can't sing either. She should just give up on it all.

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