Hailey Glassman Calls Out Latest Jon Gosselin Lies

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In the grand scheme, lying about spending Thanksgiving with grandma while you're really snowboarding with pals isn't the worst thing a person can do.

Still, the fact that Jon Gosselin apparently did this is:

  1. Not at all surprising.
  2. Proof that he deserves our Turkey of the Year honor.

After Jon Tweeted that he was going to his "grandma's" for Thanksgiving, on-off girlfriend Hailey Glassman fired back on her account that this is BS ...

Hailey Tweet

Hailey to Jon: "lol-ur redic." Truer non-words have never been Tweeted.

Guess the "break" these two are on may not be so amicable. If reconciliation is imminent, there's little motivation to write this if you're Hailey Glassman.

It's pretty funny and we appreciate it, though.

In other Gosselin news, Jon's estranged wife Kate spent Thanksgiving with her eight kids, plus bodyguard Steve Neild, his wife, Gina, and their children.

It was Kate's first Thanksgiving without Jon in years, and she's estranged from brother Kevin Kreider, who bashed her in joining Team Jon last month.

There were once rumors of Kate and Steve Neild an affair - rumors Jon either started or at least didn't try to defuse - but Kate says they are just close.

"They're my best friends," Kate said of Steve and Gina.

Wow. Friends. Jon wouldn't know what those are like.


Kate has integrity. On the other hand, Jon is like these stupid people who don't want to work but want money and to be famous. I am embarrassed for them - they get in front of the camera and look really STUPID - don't they realize what fools they are making of themselves?? I am talking about people like the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, etc. Jon fits right in. They must have single digit I.Q.s. Use what money you have to go back to school.


@ Mary,
"The only time you see or hear from Kate is when she is working/doing a show. " Translation: Pimping her kids again. Both of these people suck as parents.


mmc, What does Kate have to do with Jon now? NOTHING! Move on. Sure Kate was mean and looked awful when with Jon however most of us understand why she was that way! If I had 8 children with a person and had to stay on him like another child I would be a ***ch too! Jon has shown us who he really is WITHOUT Kate! Kate had nothing to do with Jon's actions since getting the divorce papers that was ALL Jon. Jon needs help knowing what the word truth means. Jon lies when he doesn't have too! Jon needs help. The only time you see or hear from Kate is when she is working/doing a show. Jon needs to grow up!


Shame on you posters. How can you believe an immature spoiled girl like
Hailey Glassman.Stop being so hard on Jon. Sure he's made mistakes but so has Kate.. Now it's time to fix this mess.Calling Jon or Kate names doesn't help anybody.I would not believe any thing Hailey says. When she doesn't get what she wants she retaliates. Thank the Lord she never became a part of the 8 Gosselin kids lives!!!!


Jon is a real Dick. Why do people like the Gosselins? They are both trailer trash money grubbing exploiting slobs.


Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies


this guy is scum he's like the exhusband from hell. he has no JOB at all so im not sure how he is going to pay for his new york apt and the like 7500 a month he has to put in there house account to pay for there mansion. I give him two months and he's living on a street corner in new york and panhandling for ed hardy ugly t shirts lol


Why lie about something so stupid. He wants some more hair plugs and lipo so I can't believe he's breaking up with his free ticket for more surgery. He's forgotton how to make an honest living, he really believes what he is doing is work. Pay some dues, get a job. Going to Hawaii and Utah to ski isn't work, it's play, it won't pay the bills for 8 kids.


Haily works with Jon to keep him in the tabloids.


Wonder how Grandma feels after being thrown under the bus by Jon so he could go to Utah. I think the trip was a reward for Jon and Hillary to celebrate the upcoming divorce settlement and finalization. It's so not Jon to go somewhere and not welcome the publicity, so you know there's a twist here somewhere.

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