Kevin and Jodi Kreider Sell Out Kate Gosselin, Join Team Jon

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You'll rarely hear the THG staff take Kate Gosselin's side in anything, but when her own brother, Kevin Kreider, sells her out on CBS' Early Show, well ...

We're still not on Kate's side, per se. We're just saying what a d!ck move it is by Kevin Kreider and loser wife Jodi to procure 15 minutes at her expense.

The two have recently joined forces with Team Jon Gosselin (they officially are Team Jon Gosselin, as we can't imagine there are many other members).

Their mission: Free the Gosselin Eight!

Kevin and Jodi Kreider took to the morning show today to point out, as they have in the past, that they think the Jon and Kate Plus 8 should be canned.

No one asked for the their opinion on the matter, mind you, nor does Jon Gosselin give a $h!t about anyone but himself. But here we are, just the same.

They even brought Gloria Allred, famed lawyer and child welfare advocate who loves microphones and cameras even more than they do, along for fun.

The backstabbing Gosselin relatives promotly threw Kate under the bus pretending to care about their poor, exploited nieces and nephews. Mmm hmm.

Here's Kevin and Jodi on the Early Show ...


Once this Divorce becomes final, it will be Kate who will be making the important decisions for HER family - not Jon. Kate has primary Custody of the kids and waived any Child Support (so did Jon)from Jon. Good - as Kate as shown how much she loves these kids and only wants what is best for them. The kids came to know and love the crew members of TLC that has been filming them these past years and now that they are gone, they miss them. Jon is nothing more than a whoremonger - he goes from one slut to another; none of them could walk in Kate's shoes for 5 minutes. I hope TLC is able to blackball Jon from ALL TV shows and he ends up broke living in a furnished 1 room apartment someplace dirt cheap (NOT New York City-LOL!)


The Kreider's are what they appear out for their own 15 minutes of fame. If they really cared for the children they would be there for both Jon & Kate and not take anyone side.............Who made them the experts on what is good or bad for childre?? These kids are well rounded surely more traveled and educated then most their age and if lucky they will stay far far away from the Kreider side of their family tree


That's disgusting. They say for quick fame, I'd say look who's talking. Fame grabbing douchebags. Backstabbing their own family member for 15 minutes of fame.


What a couple of Phoney Baloneys! These two are just as slimy as Jon Gosselin. The blog Jody started slamming Kate Gosselin when Jody was denied money from TLC a long time ago when the show was on told it all. These two are condoning a dad who has done very harmful things to his children and wife...this makes them just as slimy.


Jodi and Kevin are nothing but losers that apparently can't read.The show has been stopped. Notice how when ask a question Kevin always looks at Jodi..Shes a loser and so is he and so is Jon. Jodi was fine with the show as long she was on it also....Move to LOSERVILLE YOU 2 ALONG WITH JON


Not their first time doing so, fame whoring must run in the family


with family like this who needs enemies????? Good god, come'on you losers!! You are no more concerned over those kids than Popeye the sailor man!! and Gloria?? gimme a break, this one needs to be the centre of attention..takes cases according to tv time!! She is so full of hot air!! So many idiots taking this train..Jon and his sleazy girlfriend..(easy lay, cause no one else would want to screw Jon..maybe for money!!) Your 15 minutes have been over a long time!!


Jodi was helpful to Kate in the past, she watched all of the little ones more than once in her own home so that Jon and Kate could get out and the two of them watched the kids along with their own 4 kids for a whole week so Jon could get a hair transplant. Kate might have done something to hurt them, they might really think the reality show is bad for the kids but to sell out his sister is disgusting. It makes it appear to me that the only reason they helped in the first place was to be a part of the show. I think they just wanted money from TLC for their time on the show and when Kate said forget it and quit having them on they were mad. Gloria Allred? Really? Give me a break.


These 2 are disgusting. They wanted a contract with TLC to be paid to be on the j&k+8 show. They were turned down. To now align with that pig jon is so telling. If these 4 (incl. that whore hailey) think the public believes their fairy tales they are so wrong. All they want to be is on tv no matter who they hurt (& don't think the kids wont be hurt that 'aunt jody' turned against their mother. Like I said, disgusting.


This is so sad. the whole family is making fools of themselves.

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