Grady Sizemore Pictures: Almost Nude, Entirely Hilarious

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While the Tiger Woods affair and subsequent car accident may have sports fans feeling distraught these days, at least Grady Sizemore is around to lighten the mood.

The Cleveland Indians centerfielder, known as one of baseball's preeminent five-tool players, comes close to showing off his sixth tool in a series of recently-released photos.

Reportedly, they were meant for ex-girlfriend Brittany Binger, a Playboy model. As Vanessa Hudgens, Carrie Prejean and countless others know, however, these types of pictures always get out.

It's nice to see the shoe on the other, naked foot, isn't it, ladies? Click to enlarge - and enjoy...

Grady Sizemore Nude

A gap hitter, Grady Sizemore could likely get to at least third base with many women around the world!

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This dude is as gay as it gets.And if youve heard about him he cant play baseball for shit these days.Him and brittany deserve eachother.Both total cheaters.


Hilarious? Totally HOT!!!


omg! i love you Grady &i love your pictures but i do think that people need to mine their own business & to stay out of your(: love yea
Bianca Ricco


He looks so hot!! And also just because someone poses for playboy doesn't mean that they are a tramp!! I can't stand that stereotype!


HA! Notice the tea bag.....guess he's wanting some of that from his GF!!


I wanna suck his weiner and swallow his babies


That's a little disturbing


hay just because he have a great body dont hate him and yea his ex girlfriend is a tramp and some other words that should not to be said


haha aw grady sorry people posted this, but like he others said about the pool i do kind of hope you were there before too lol these are funny and he looks sooooooo hott in that suit :) :) :)


quit being haters he is HOT!!!!! he shouldn't be ashamed at all i say lets see more.....