Rachel Uchitel Speaks, Denies Tiger Woods Affair

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According to reports, Elin Nordegren attacked husband Tiger Woods' car with a golf club early Friday morning, a rumor that would lead one to believe the golfer was having an extramarital affair.

But this isn't the case says Rachel Uchitel, the woman at the heart of the gossip.

Matt Hahn and Rachel Uchitel

As an events planner, Uchitel admits she's met Woods on a couple of occasions. But she's never seen him outside work and never slept with him, she told The New York Post.

"This is nothing to do with me. We have never had an affair, and the claims we did are completely false... I am really upset about it because I am being portrayed as a homewrecker, when it simply isn’t true.”

Uchitel added that The National Enquirer paid a friend $25,000 to make up the story about her and Tiger.

She claims she offered to take a polygraph for the newspaper to prove her side, but "they refused it. They told me it was too late and the story was running anyway."

In October, Rachel was also accused of sleeping with married actor David Boreanaz. She referenced that in the interview:

“Other things have happened in my past that would prevent me from doing anything like this. I have traveled with men that are quietly more important than Tiger Woods and it is incredibly difficult to get to their hotel room,” she said, referring to the report that she snuck into Tiger's hotel room in Australia earlier this year.

Uchitel doesn't sound like a woman trying to sleep around and make a name for herself, does she?

As someone best known for saving par when facing a difficult lie, we'll see if Tiger can now save his marriage when faced with a series of lies.


First let me say, I see that there is, as always, a lot of venom, and drivel, I guess they are part of the mix too! Moving on, i want to know; how tall is "Rachel"?? And, can she cook, and sew??!! Will somebody tell me!! When I get around to reading, "comments", on certain websites, sometimes I get the feeling, that, there truly is a "devil", out there somewhere!! Buried, deep, very deep underground, where it is eternally, cold, very cold!! May the "eternal" God, have mercy on their souls!! But those "comments", I mentioned above, and all the other "comments", that are published, in websites such as this; is indeed, "Free Speach", in practice, that is a good thing, weather, I agree with what is being said, or not!! WHAT DO YOU THINK??!!


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Americans have no respect for anything except money.
Stupid and childish like no other nation in the universe.
Will u ever grow up ?


Whats so great about a celebrity having an affair outside of marriage in America?
We know it starts out in teenage(sex that is)....this whole culture that exalts sexual independence should be curbed to prevent such incidents.
Why blame Tiger when the society he lives in has thought him to be unfaithful?


Maybe that ho wife of his smelled like a wet dog, and he wanted some new good smelling trim. That's what negroes have always said about "whitey" that they smell like wet dogs. I think these skanks that banged him are nasty, but on the other hand you can't really blame the guy. I mean really, who in their right mind would want to bang a big nasty stinking black girl she-boon ape?


Wow. You people are monsters. I didnt even read the article, I just wanted to see how people are reacting and its obvious that everyone is on here is just a little off their rocker. Who is to say that he did actually do these things? For all we know these women could be obsessed stalkers and that voicemail could have been some impersonator (they do exist). Didnt that lady already say that she absolutely DID NOT have an affair? Also, for all these other chicks saying that they slept with him, what if they were just trying to monopolize on an already overblown "scandal" Frankly, I dont want to believe he did it...so I'll believe he's innocent until there is irrevocable evidence proving he's guilty. If he does happen to be a cheating husband than that sucks cause I could have sworn his father raised him better than that. Tsk Tsk


She looks like a drag queen, not very feminine at all.


Well I think he is a scumbag. He has violated the most precious commitments of all to his wife, his fans and his colleagues. He has proven he is not better than his colleagues, in fact, he is worse. He maybe the number 1 golfer of our day, as well as the number one adulteress. I certainly hope his wife is smart enough to sue him now. He is a disgrace to all of us who believe that once married we remain loyal and faithful.


All of you who are slamming the tabloids obviously spend your time blogging sites like this. Comical irony here?


Tiger will pay to play. He makes like he is sooo clean with NIKE and all. He is just a man with a true putter. If he wasn't golfing so great he'd be paying like every other John on the course. Hah You get @&$#ed

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