Carrie Prejean Owns Up to Sex Tape

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Stop us if you've heard this before:

A D-list celebrity is about to star in a movie/reality show/release a book. She needs to garner publicity for it. Suddently, rumors of a sex tape pop up. The celebrity plays ignorant, only to eventually fess up to the video, cite it as a mistake and watch her Q-rating soar.

Sound familiar? We've been there, done that with Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Shauna Sand.

In other words: not only is Carrie Prejean dishonest, exploitive and manipulative - she's unoriginal.

The disgraced beauty queen, who was held up for months by conservative Christians as a value-based role model, appeared on Hannity last night and admitted that her sex tape is real.

"All by myself, I was sending a boyfriend at the time, who I loved and cared about, a video of me," she said. "Never did I think it would ever come out. It was bad judgment. It's embarrassing. It's humiliating to be talking about this on national TV."

Anyone else think Carrie will feel less humiliated once sales figures for her book, Still Standing, come out?

Oh, the Irony: Carrie Prejean titled her biography "Still Standing." She's in the news again, however, for lying down on video. And touching herself.

How did Sean Hannity respond to this admission? With a joke: "It would be really embarrassing if it was me," he said.

In possibly related news: Hannity wrote the foreword for Prejean's memoir.

If Hannity and the right want to ignore Prejean's topless photos and masturbation tape, that's fine. We agree, people are allowed to make mistakes. But at what point does any American with half a brain realize that Republicans have no better standing on the moral high ground than Democrats do?

Are there any Carrie Prejean supporters out there? We'd love to hear them defend their girl if so!


Sean Hannity wrote the foreword for Carrie Prejean's book, and now he's interviewing her on Fox News.

We'd mention something about a violation of journalistic standards, but that would imply Fox News possessed those standards in the first place.


Carrie Prejean Sex Tape is a hot trend on the internet.
Watch it here: Carrie Prejean Sex Tape (full version)

Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
Good luck!


@no forgivenes: as a Christian we are not to withhold forgiveness based on what we see on the outer. we only see the outward, God sees the heart. as Christians, the Bible is clear about not taking offense, turning the other cheek. vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, we are not to take things into our own hands. carrie has made mistakes, yes that is most definitely true, and she has made them in the public eye. however, she is no more of a sinner in need of God's grace than you or i, and far be it from any one of us to think we can withhold something from someone that the Lord gives to us so freely and generously.


She's so f'n seriously guys (even you gays can admit), there are worst "crimes", if it can even be called that, than not supporting gay marriage...let's get real. Carrie Prejean is hot and super intelligent. I'm going to buy her book.


Wow, she says one thing that people don't agree with and she is a evil as Adolf Hitler. Good grief WHO CARES what she does with her life and what she thinks. Why isn't everybody all up in arms over the fact the Donald sleeps with about every bimbo he can find and is a total pig, a complete asswhole, but whooahh he is rich with a fake ass hair do, but no one is bothering to look at his actions in all of this. So easy to hate on the pretty you all feel better about yourselves now?


Carrie is an average American girl who has needs like us all.
Unfortunately she video tAped herself. We all must forgive - he without
sin cast the first stone. I think we all need a big hug!


And she is considered the type of girl that every man dreams of having? And people wonder why I can not find beauty queens attractive. Hell, my fiance is 10 times the woman Prejean makes herself sound like and she has the looks, character, accent and brains to prove it. Most importantly, she doesn't feel insecure about herself to get plastic installed in her chest.


This site and many others like it talk bad about celebrities yet without the celebs and their dirt you wouldn't exist to continue the trashy gossip. You work to build them higher just so you can't drop them farther. This is the first and last time i will ever go to this site and the rest of us who wish not to be a part of the gossip train need to get off and ignore this crap. Talk about real issues.


sCarrie - the perfect christian model of upstanding morals.
GO AWAY already.I'd use my dime to call someone who cares but she has it up her twat.


But fake tits are God's will? Typical fake christian - do as I say not as i do. And no, I don't think she'll make any money off of her stupid book. It'll probably do as "well" as Palin's has, which is "not very."


Carrie had a sex tapes on the computer and eveybody see the sex tapes

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