Brody Jenner or Jesse Metcalfe: Who'd You Rather ...

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Young hunks Brody Jenner (of The Hills quasi-fame) and Jesse Metcalfe (of Desperate Housewives fame) hung out at the EMAs in Berlin, Germany last week.

Which naturally got us thinking: Who would you rather .... um, you know? Vote in the survey below and let us know which JV Hollywood stud you think is preferable:

B. Jenner Pic
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Who would you rather ...


Definitly jesse xoxoxo


Definitly jese xoxoxo


I would take them both. They are both too hott to decide... Lol


is it actually POSSIBLE TO CHOOSE???


Ewwww. Jesse's eyebrows are too thick and Brody looks like a girl.


definetly the brodster


I think Jesse Metcalfe is better looking out of the two, but he's also an ass from what I've read so I'd probably say I'd take a pass on picking either.


both good looking :)

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Desperate Housewives dude and big stud. Jesse Metcalfe has also spent time in rehab. But, come on, who hasn't? More »
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