Adam Lambert: Coming to a Talk Show Near You!

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Adam Lambert has never really left the spotlight.

The singer finished second on American Idol in May and has been followed around by paparazzi ever since. He's also covered magazines and taken part in the American Idol tour this summer.

Still, fans should prepare for more of Adam than ever over the next couple weeks, as he hits the talk show circuit to promote his debut album, For Your Entertainment.

Where will you find him? That's one of a number of topics Lambert discussed with TV Guide Magazine this week...

On the album: "The things the fans are going to recognize on the album are sort of references and nods to classic and glam rock, music of the 70s in general... But I think what’s going to be in store for them, as far as a treat goes, is modern production as well, mixed in with that 70s kind of vibe. There’s a lot of electronica, there’s a lot of modern beats and synthesized sounds."

On his schedule: “The American Music Awards are coming up. We’re getting to put together a big ol’ production number... Right after the AMAs, I’m going to be doing David Letterman, Ellen Degeneres and Good Morning America.”

On new judge Ellen DeGeneres: “I think that she brings kind of an everyman perspective. I think she represents the audience that ISN’T in the music industry, that’s just a listener. And I think that’s actually really important considering that they’re the people who drive the music industry.”

On meeting Madonna: "My heart was racing. I think I broke into a cold sweat. I mean, she’s one of my idols. But I made it through.[I told her] that I adored her, that I loved her. She seemed to appreciate it.”


Can't wait to see Adam Lambert unleashed! I look forward to seeing a "ridiculous" show! Adam is awesome! Bring it on!


I can't wait to see Adam perform at the AMA's on November 22 and the various talk shows which I will be monitoring so as not to miss any of them. Also, you can guarantee I will be going tomorrow (Sunday) to see the movie 2012. Would have seen it earlier but had other commitments but will definitely be seeing it on Sunday. Adam is so exciting and I don't want to miss a thing that he's in. I can definitely see him in movies, as well. He's just so talented and so gorgeous. LOVE THE MAN!!!


I going to go see 2012 tonight just to hear Adam's song Time For MIracles. I hope they include his video sometime during the movie. I don't usually watch the AMA's, but I will this year just to see Adam. I never watch Ellen, but I will when Adam is on, and I hope Ellen doesn't do what Ophrah did. She only had Adam on for a couple of minutes! It was so annoying. I'm sorry, but I just don't care about cakes, shoes, and clothes that normal people can't wear. If you tell everyone that you are going to have Adam freakin Lambert on, you better make most of the show about him!


I thought it was pretty clever, myself.




Hey Geeky keep trying that line. Who knows someday it will be as funny as it was 8 months ago.


Thank goodness November has finally arrived ... beginning with the '2012' movie with ADAM singing TFM on the sound track all the way to Dec. 1st on Ellen and everything in between especially the AMA's (been anticipating that the most with ADAM PERFORMING on TV again) this will be the BEST NOVEMBER EVER! EVER! EVER!


Love seeing more of Adam!! He is so funny and adorable to watch. I love his honesty and his usually well spoken comments. The more the merrier!! Besides that, he is just hot to look at!!


For someone who is not from USA and missed the AI tour, having Adam's presence this month in various media is like X'mas in November. We're soo excited here in Hong Kong!!! Love you, Adam.


Wait, that's not Kelly Osborne?

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