Released: The Adam Lambert Album Cover!

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Yesterday, we gave readers a chance to listen to a trio of new singles by American Idol champion Kris Allen.

Today, it's time for Adam Lambert to shine!

We have no new information regarding his debut album, which hits stores on November 23. But we do have something beautiful for fans to look ati;

The album cover for "For Your Entertainment." It's classic Adam all around...

Adam Lambert Album Cover

Will you purchase this album?


it is gooooooooooooooooood.


Adam lambert is my favorite singer he is so hot love him so much


Hi Your AWesome ...


hi adam lambert


more like Madam Lambert!!!


OMG what the heck he looks like a frickin girl! Why do people love it some much? I mean really get real. Lol and ya it does look like he stole his look from Rihanna :) lol


He looks like Pinks twin sister


First I was shocked as it was unexpected, but then it grew on me and now I love it. I just can not get enough of these eyes... There are many sides of Adam and that't just how he is. Most importantly I admire him for his boldness to take risks. Way to go Adam, can not wait for your album to drop!


this is so disappointing. i LOVE adam, but this is ridiculous. i expected something much more awesome, especially for a debut.


daynalane Says People like you, daynalane, make me sick. So if someone doesn't like Adam or his music they're automatically a homophobe? Give me a break. Adam sucks and his music is generic pop schlock. Now my sweet, sweet little ignorant Sparkle Cow daynalane, go ask my girlfriend if I'm a homophobe. And you other so-called non-homophobe fans: It's all you ignorant, backwards idiots that are saying "Oh I still love Adam to death, but that cover is so gay." Those FANS would be the homophobes - pretending to be okay with the fact that Adam is gay just so long as he doesn't talk about it or "act" like it. Man, you Sparkle Cows really make me sick.

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