Jake Pavelka Rumored to Be the Next Bachelor: A Good Choice?

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Last season on The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris passed on three different Mr. Perfects - Jake Pavelka, Reid Rosenthal and Kiptyn Locke - in favor of a guy who was sending booty call texts to half the women in Chicago while on the show.

But while Ed Swiderski somehow prevailed then, it will soon be one of his vanquished, aforementioned competitors' time to shine as the new star of The Bachelor.

The show's new star will be announced during the October 13 episode of Dancing with the Stars, and all indications are that it will be one of the three.

This follows the long-running show's recent pattern of turning a fan favorite from the previous season into the sister series' star, dating back to when:

  • Brad Womack rejected DeAnna Pappas on The Bachelor finale
  • DeAnna rejected Jason Mesnick on The Bachelorette finale
  • Jason rejected Jillian Harris prior to The Bachelor finale
Jake, Reid, Kiptyn

Should the next Bachelor be Jake Pavelka, Kiptyn Locke or Reid Rosenthal?

It's clearly been a successful model, as The Bachelor franchise has actually increased its popularity despite being on for about 97 seasons and producing exactly one successful marriage. But who should carry the torch next? Vote below!

Who should be the next star of The Bachelor?

** UPDATE: A Tennesse woman that tried out for the show told a local radion station that JAKE PAVELKA has been named the next Bachelor!


let me ask a question, why is it that all the bachelor contestants are white males? why aren't there any people of color allowed to be the Bachelor on the show?! there are females contestants of color but the males who are the actual bachelor are lacking!! WHY IS THAT?!!!!!


i don't watch this show so i don't care whose the next bachelor


i don't even know who these dudes are


Do people still watch these kinds of shows?


Kiptyn is the best YES YES YES PLEase......


I ♥ Kiptyn, but my favorite is Jake, he is such a hottie.




The Douchebag Bunch! The Douchbag Bunch! To-ge-ther we are the Douchebag Bunch!


You could have gotten the same information without mentioning Ed's issue. It's water under the bridge, but you must think its necessary to keep saying hateful and hurtful things about people

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