Tori Spelling Clarifies Weight, Says Star Can Suck it

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Tori Spelling does NOT weigh 95 pounds. Got that, celebrity gossip readers? Yeesh. The 90210 alum clarified this Thursday, stating she weighs a healthy 107!

So there, Star Magazine!

That reputable publication said Donna Martin collapsed and was rushed to the ER for being exhausted, emaciated and drastically underweight at 95 pounds.

Tori took to Twitter to set the record straight.

"Star Mag... LIES!" she said. "Literally not 1 factual thing in entire article. And, come 2 my house & weigh me Star! I'm 107lbs. if you care about FACTS?!?"

THG NOTE: Everyone knows Star is second only to OK! in made-up headlines, Tori. This is what they do. Acknowledge it and you only feed the beast.

THG NOTE #2: 107 isn't much different than 95, is it?

The tabloid said a "painfully thin" Tori collapsed after an "angry showdown" with husband Dean McDermott, whose ex-wife wrote an incriminating tell-all.

As a result, she was indeed admitted to the hospital twice within 24 hours on September 29, but for an undisclosed stomach ailment, not for lack of food.

Spelling insists to Us Weekly, "I am healthy. I am a busy working mom!" She adds that she has "always gotten" picked on for her slim body size. Really?

"This is my weight," Spelling said. "I don't have an eating disorder. It's hard to be criticized in public, and it's harder on your family than you. You need a thick skin."

"When you have kids and when you have a husband, it's upsetting."


She's still way too skinny, regardless


I don't knw how tall Tori Spelling is, but I'm 5.2 and 107-lbs was my weight for most of my adult years....I'm sorry but that weight is alittle under weight to me....I was happy to start gaining weight, but I woudn't mind loosing atleast 10-lbs.


i agree kaitlyn. there r alot of other celebrities picked on about those things. and other things. like miley quuits twitter. who cares? people r bugging her about that,not that i care about miley at all.


Poor Tori, she is soo sweet and always has shit talkers.


thay shouldnt have printed that. i mean yeah mags are always going to write about fake weddings (lol that was funny :)) but eating disorders... isnt right.


I fucking hate Star and OK! i don't understand why they are allowed to print shit?


I am sure tori is "Sick" over Mary Jo's new book that portrays Tori in an unflattering the real Tori...not her manufactured image that she wants you to believe. Anorexics always deny they have an eating disorder and usually it is linked to some kind of depression. She should be depressed...looking like a horse, finding out your husband thinks you look like a horse and used you for money,
even her mother disapproves of her and Dean etc. And why does Tori define her relationship based on her looks?? Someone call the vet ASAP...she needs a lot of help...and oats!


The number of a persons weight is just that, its a number, all that matters is being healthy, and she just doesn't seem healthy.


All these magaizine care about is how much they can sell so they don't care about FACT Tori you should know that you have been in the spot light for how long.....


well i can see where she is comming from. for her 12 pounds is alot. if you packed on 12 pounds i bet you would say it was alot haha.

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