Tabloid: Tori Spelling is Dean McDermott's Ticket to "Money and Fame"

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On Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott appear to have the ideal marriage.

But, you absolutely won't believe this, the show may not depict reality. At least not according to Michael Olifiers, an actor that has worked with McDermott for years.

"There is no question Dean is with Tori for the money and the fame," he tells Star in the tabloid's latest issue. "Dean's always been desperate to become famous. He craved being in the spotlight and Tori's his ticket to that life."

Note to Dean: No, she really isn't. No one knows who you are.

Because Aaron Spelling didn't leave his daughter much money in his will, Olifiers says the couple earns a living these days from "exploiting their relationship. They do everything and anything to make money from their fame."

Gee, what could the actor possibly be referring to?!?

In closing, McDermott's so-called friend claims his pal is even grossed out by Spelling, stating years ago: "I can't believe I have to kiss her. She looks like a horse!"

To make matters worse, Donna Martin and David Silver are going through tough times on 90210. Tori can't even get her fake marriage to work out!


Dean is lazy and he has no backbone .Tori is a total selfish bitch. Who acts like she is the only woman in the world who has given birth to a child . She always cries every time she gives birth it's not Brian surgery so suck it up .I had 3 kids and n c section. I felt it the old fashion way baby


These Magazines are full of B.S. and anybody who believes them is stupid! Dean and Tori are soulmates like my hubby and me are. You can see that it is not fake....there are photos taken of them "Off guard" and Dean is looking at Tori with so much REAL love. IF this so called friend really did say all those lies then he is NO friend of Deans and he is looking for money. If anyone is fake here it is HIM!


Can't believe the garbage hurled at the McDermotts! I smell a vat of sour grapes somewhere. Have watched Tori & Dean for a long time and see nothing fakey re showing affection for each other. It's obviously genuine. They planned to have children right away, and Dean was talking to Tori about trying for baby no. 3 right after they renewed their marriage vows. I'd sure like to know how in the world that would boost his acting career! What lunacy! - Gg


tori spelling has some better extremely good looks, she has personality and seems like a really nice person. she is stuck up and treats her fans like friends.


After reading "Divorce Sucks", and seeing Mary Jo on GMA and Access Hollywood, there is no doubt that Dean married Tori for the money. Mary Jo is infinitely more BEAUTIFUL, ARTICULATE, INTELLIGENT,
GROUNDED and CLASSY than Tori Spelling. My husband ,who never reads tabloids, saw Mary Jo and Said she is GORGEOUS! He left her for that ugly mutt?

@ cindy

Oh I so agree with your comment. Your husband has good taste. Mary Jo is goreous and classy for sure.


Are you that happy in your marriage Sue? What are you doing here if you have a degree? Aren't you supposed to be taking care of your family? Who are you to call Tori Spelling a whore? Do you know Ms. Eustace? You need to get a good fuck from your husband. Or, is he seeing someone else? Poor soul!


.Having children with Tori insures Dean will get some money because even if Tori does not get all of her inheritance, her children will. Mr. And Mrs Spelling have trusts set up for their grand children and that is how Dean is planning on bgetting his hands on the Spelling money. Not to mention that Tori is working herself to the bone (literally) while he rides and scuba dives and surfs!


I love Tori Spelling i think she's a pretty cool chick but i also think that she over does the "love you babe" a little more than is necessary. She obviously is the bread winner and it doe's seem
to me that the relationship is a little more played out than it would be off camera. But on the flip side if dean really felt this way why would he make babies with her? Is that to be locked in for life thinkin he would boost up his fame and mooch of of tori's money?


I would be happy to never comment on the disgraceful Tori spelling when she stops putting every mindless minutia detail about her life on tv and in the tabloids. And Klarissa, I am sure your husband is are probably not inhereting millions of dollars after you get married!


I read the article, and I have to say, I think there is some truth to the article. Dean's friend Michael Olifers put his own name in that article, Star didn't report a "confidential source." Why would someone who is totally lying be willing to risk their friendship with Dean and Tori by publicly stating the things he did about their relationship? I'm an attorney and I promise you, if he's really lying, Tori and Dean would sue him for slander and defamation of character. But guess what? Truth is a defense to defamation of character. So if Michael is telling the "truth" then Tori and Dean wouldn't have a case. Also, this would explain why Tori's mother was such a witch about not giving Tori more of her father's money. The mother gave the money to the brother, but I now suspect that the mother's refusal to give the money is about the fact that she smells a rat named Dean McDermott...more than her being an evil witch who hated on her daughter Tori.

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