The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest: October 29

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, where our readers write the funniest caption for the celebrity picture posted below!

The rules are simple. Look at the image. Click comments and send in your caption(s). As many as you like. Have fun. Tomorrow, we announce the winner.

It's that easy. Today's Caption Contest subjects? Kourtney Kardashian baby daddy, Scott Disick, having an awkward lunch with her stepdad, Bruce Jenner.

What could they be saying? You tell us ...

Scott Disick and Bruce Jenner
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"Look at that babe man" "Hey she's young enough to be you daughter"


Bruce says, "What in the hell is that papparazzi doing? There is nothing going on here...just an old guy playing with his peen while he chats it up with a fine young man...a really really fine young man....mmmm hmmmm..)


Oh f****! we forgot our socks!!!


So Bruce I was wondering where can I get a face lift like yours?


Who do you have to knock-up around here to get some more tea?....Oh....My bad...


Damn I forgot to wear sock again!!!!Quick take your off and we can hope that the trend picks up


So now that you are going to be a Kardasian,Are you considering plastic surgery?


scott" So do you think i messed up?
Brucwe" Pretty much dont your never be wanted again"


"Scott, you got any brothers I can set up with Kim?"


well... this is awkward.