Smell Like Reggie Bush's Sweat!

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Ready to smell like Reggie Bush's sweat?

How about Ray J's semen? Or perhaps Bruce Jenner's plastic body parts?

K. Kardashian

All are possibilities, now that Kim Kardashian has released her signature line of perfume. The socialite is the latest is an endless line of celebrities to sponsor a fragrance, joining Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton, among many others.

It's hard not to wonder what someone like Kim knows about perfume. She may be able to smell a photo op from 1,000 yards away, but does that really translate into a desirable body odor?

Do you want to reek of desperation for attention? Purchase Kim Kardashian's perfume today!


i wouldnt waist money for her perfume , she is not famous she doesnt have any talent , she became famous by that stupid video , she may be pretty but she doesnt have the brain ,


I wouldn't buy it and that caption is just nasty, but kinda funny at the same time


eeewww!the articles name says it all!


ewwww - the only perfurme i can stand from any celeb is the brit spears one...


I usually ahet celebrity endorsed perfumes, they always smell all fake for some reason. Maybe they are mirrored on teh celebrity.


hahah I wouldn't buy it. Just because I don't wanna let these celebrities make anymore money, LOL.


I don't think i would buy it, she isn't that famous.


The bottle looks pretty hopefully it doesn't smell like too terrible. I've actually found that one of paris hilton's scents is tolerable so there's hope!


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