Ryan Jenkins Suicide Note Found

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Detectives searching Ryan Jenkins' hard drive say they have found a makeshift will he wrote three days before the reality star killed himself in Canada.

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    These two were both drama prone narcisisstic idoits chasing a dream. She played games with him and vice versa Sypathy for family and loved ones. The fate of these two I can't say I feel for either one of them. Gold digger , egotistical dude, fake girl. I don't think the world lost anything by their death. There are plenty of bimbos like her and dudes like him are a dime a dozen.


    I don't belive he did it. It sounds like Jazmin Fiore & Paula Sladewski died in the same way and they even look alike!!!


    thats fucked up


    You can't blame every murder on the basis of insanity or mental illnesses! Don't make excuses for him! Let's not forget who the real victim is-jasmine! Ryan is a womanizer, with an abusive past towards women!I read He had even previously attacked her! He was aware of his wrong doing, he mutilated her body even removing her teeth and fingers, making her almost unidentifiable, He then fled the country and committed suicide to avoid the consequences of his actions! I feel sorry only for the victim and both of the families!


    Tragic, but he took the easy way out. I seriously don't get what could push a person to the point to take another life, he was one sick asshole


    Never be to quick to judge someone!! They don't know for fact that he killed her, killing himself could have been his way of just dealing with it a person can only take so much.. The manhunt and hearing everyday that you done a crime like that will put a toll on a person.


    this is such a sad story


    He is one crazy SOB.


    All of this is so sad. Two senseless deaths.


    just saying this dude took the easy way out he is such a coward...he killed someone and then offed himself...that's just horrible...

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