New Moon Spoilers, Photos from Illustrated Companion Book

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The Hollywood Gossip is currently running a contest:

The reader that posts the most comments throughout our site this week wins a copy of New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion. Anyone wondering whether or not this is a worthwhile prize, trust us: it is.

Tattooed and Cute

Actually, you don't need to trust us. We've posted the proof below.

A handful of New Moon spoilers and photos, courtesy of this cool book, have been leaked online. Here's an example of the latter, followed by a list of the former:

As for various tidbits and changes fans can expect to see in New Moon...

  • Throughout the sequences where Bella sees visions of Edward, he's donning the same outfit as when he originally bid farewell to his love;
  • Regarding the well-known birthday scene in the Cullen household: Edward relates the history of the Volturi to Bella, followed by Edward facing off against Jasper.
  • In the aforementioned book, Robert Pattinson says: “The birthday scene at the Cullen house is like the ideal birthday party. The house is beautifully decorated and everyone is happy. Edward is looking at Bella and thinking that she can become part of his family and his life; that maybe this can work out the way he wants it to.”
  • Jacob gives Bella a dream catcher, a gift not bestowed upon her in the novel.

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for New Moon?