Pete Wentz Debuts Shaved Head

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Pete Wentz is apparently out to remake his image.

No more eyeliner, and now no more man bangs.

The Fall Out Boy rocker took to his Twitter page to show off a new buzz cut, writing “jay-z had the death of autotune. this is the death of the emo swoosh.”

We're guessing that was the name of his previous hairstyle. Regardless, without the signature locks in his eye, you almost wouldn't recognize Pete Wetnz ...

Pete Wentz Buzzed Haircut

Pete Wentz is rocking short hair now!

What's next, button-downs and khakis? As long as he doesn't ditch his wife (Melrose Place star Ashlee Simpson) and baby Bronx, we're all good with it.

As long as he continues to update us via Tweets, of course.

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Lol, everyones forgetting that he used to have a shaved head when FOB started out. If you watch the video for Grand Theft Autumn you can see him with his head pretty much shaved.


Wouldn't be able to recognize him?
Uh no... This is his original look.
He is going back to how he used to be.
I love it.


Short hair looks good on him, not eveyone could pull it off but he can


i hate this guy.. such a douche


Think it had anything to do with this ?


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i like this look so much more on him


Keen on the hair cut, not keen on the pout!


Much better hair


dude is such a douche!!

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