Oprah Winfrey Sued By Fired Flight Attendant

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Joining the mile-high club is a dream to which many aspire.


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    I guess when you're making 5 billion a year...you cannot afford to part with anything. Rich cvnt.


    Read ppl. The article says that the claims resulted in THEIR July 7 termination.


    i dont understand either, why didnt oprah fire the piliot too?


    How come the pilot wasn´t fired???
    Is Oprah discriminating against women? Is it only the womans fault if they have sex in the cockpit?

    @ Mad

    He was fired, he just accepted that having sex while on duty was probably showing very bad judgement, sucked it up, took the consequences and moved on.


    Oh Oprah!! give the poor girl some of your change... 300,000 isnt that much...

    @ jessinaus

    Nooooo Oprah, don't do it! Next thing you know everyone will be having sex while on the job (hmmm getting paid to have sex) and sueing their boss for objecting to this type of behavior. It will set a very bad precedent.


    Hey, I lost my job as a FA for dumber reasons than that. The thing is you can't just go out and get another FA job and yes she could have made 300,000 easy if she were the big O's FA. What I want to know is why wasn't the pilot fired?????????????


    I love this line in the article: "This gives new meaning to the term cockpit, are we right?"


    $300,000 is pocket change for Oprah.


    If I got fired because of a rumor I would sue my employer too, without proff that is slander!


    'cause we all know that losing your private air stewardess job is worth $300Gs! (Not)

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