New Moon: On Twitter!

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The Hollywood Gossip is not too proud to admit: we may now be the second most popular Twitter destination on the Internet.

This sad news comes on the heels of the announcement that New Moon has officially opened an account (@Twilight) on the social networking system.

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic

While THG offers the most insightful, humorous, jarring celebrity gossip stories on the Web (Seriously. Follow us today.), we can't compete with exclusive shots from the most anticipated movie of the year.

Earlier today, for example, this TwitPic of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner flirting, while Robert Pattinson looks on menacingly, was released by the film's Twitter handler:

Also, New Moon director Chris Weitz has told fans that his movie will run for two hours and 10 minutes. Will this be enough time to drool over Robsten in all its glory? It will have to be.

Until Eclipse comes out, that is. And Breaking Dawn. And the next supermarket tabloid that lies about how far along Kristen Stewart is in her pregnancy.

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Go 4 Gold twitter! I enjoy twitting as much as I enjoy this movie. It's great that they have a twitter account so I can follow them and get updated with what's the latest about the movie, and more about the Hollywood. This is a must follow on twitter, and I recommend everyone to create an account on twitter and then follow the Hollywood gossip. It would be great, fun especially if you are just too busy to watch entertainment news on TV. Twitter is the best way to get updated. More power to twitter and ofcourse to Hollywood gossip, and to New Moon. Great movie!


OMG, i cant find them on twitter either, im so very upset


i dont understand where the picture is from (like in the book) didnt edward say to bella to stay in the car when he went and spoke to jake when he rocked up at the school?


WOW the build up 2 new moon is HUGE i can't wait


OMG!!!!!! i cant wait... im now following on twitter! im soooo happy that the movie goes for over 2 hours, at first i heard it only went for 100 minutes, i was sooooo angry! lol... if it went on for 1000000000 days i would be happy! lol


Going to have a diffcult time waiting another month with this newss.....I wish tym would go faster


I cant find them on twitter i hhave looked every-where...can some one give me the link plzz?.... P.S. I LOVE TWILIGHT SAGGA!!! WOOOO!


Wow, New Moon is going to be 2 hours long? Dang! I still can't wait though!!


This picture rocks.I wanna see this film so so bad.I wish I could be in the movie.


Haha Edward in the back looks like hes gonna kill someone