Michael Jackson Will Valid Despite Error

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Michael Jackson's 2002 will (his last) has a mistake in it, but despite what some conspiracy theorists (his brother Randy) think, it looks like just that.

A mistake. No harm, no invalidation required.

According to the will, dated July 7, 2002, it was signed in Los Angeles. But Randy Jackson says Michael was in New York City on that date and can prove it.

As a result Randy thinks the signature on Michael's will is a forgery.

But Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the estate, says the signature is valid and the witnesses saw Jackson sign the thing. The L.A. reference is just wrong.

Michael Jackson signed the will in New York City on the date in question. Whomever wrote L.A. is a witness who simply forgot ... or screwed up. Whatever.

My bad! I meant to put New York!

The bottom line is that the mistake does not invalidate the will, even if Randy is convinced for some reason that it should. It was just a harmless error.

Also interestingly, if the will were declared invalid, MJ's prior 1997 would be the basis for the distribution of his estate. The 1997 will creates a trust.

Just like the 2002 will's trust, Katherine Jackson gets 40 percent for her lifetime, MJ's children get 40 percent and the remaining 20 goes to charity.

So basically, nothing would have changed.

Here's Michael's will if you're interested ...


i love mj she is forever say beautful


Well lol privacy doesn't matter if you're no longer around. There is no privacy, his funeral was even public! I have his entire tribute which was valued at $50.00 and with that came a copy of the will and a copy of every concert ticket there ever was! I'm am thankful for it and it will be worth a ton of money by the time I die and leave everything to my children, Grandkids, Great Grandkids, and Great Great Grandkids! Yes we live that long in our family, I will have them! MJ has always donated to charity, he is the one person that donated the most to charity. Read a book, see his movie. A lot of people don't like him and they don't know him like I do, unfortunately. Maybe they don't like him because they don't know him!!!


Ok so they got the venue wrong but have the right signature. Some witness. Do they have to keep flouting his will or paperwork all over the internet. Where's the privacy gone in this world.


I LOVE his signature by the way!!


20% to charity, how kind :)
Randy needs to wipe those green dollar signs out of his eyes.


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