Levi Johnston Busts a Nut

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For Levi Johnston, baby daddy of Bristol Palin, it's time to get crackin'.


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    whoa..Levi,watch what u say! Mrs.Palin will be coming for you soon.(Slander law suit) what are you going to say to your son when he's old enough to google your name and see your nuddy pictures and all of the "bashing" you said about Grandma Palin and his mommy's family? Think before you speak & do it may come back to haunt you many yearS from now! Once said it's said or the action is done, it's hard to change the situation. Please think of where your son is living right now.


    I think that he shouldnt use Bristol's humiliation and her problems(which happen to a lot of people but all of a sudden its the worst thing in the world because shes in the media...people need to stop judging and forgive)for his personal gain! He needs to do the honorable thing and be a good father or he is not worthy of our respect.


    Levi is making the perfect commercial about nuts, 'cause that's what he is a NUT. Levi ought to make commercials about dead beat dads, too. Can't believe levi is so star struck he'll do anything for attention. He criticizes his former in-laws of what they're doing and now Levi is doing no different, what a hypricrite. Levi is too dumb to do anything else, what school would take him, the only thing he can do is stupid commercials.


    I agree with Cindy in Fla. Levi is a hot, handsome
    young stud! I am 49 and would take him on any day of the week. Grab him while you can Hollywood..


    Remembering when my daughters were in highschool,they would have referred to Levi as a scumbag. My mother always said, you can't make a silk purse out of a cow's ear. Quit trying to make out like he is worth something and paying him big bucks for it. Someday his little son is going to grow up to be a big man, then lookout Levi.


    hahah thats hilarious


    it was really lame but funny as well haha. idk why alot of u guys are taking it up the butt. its really not a big deal. relax people


    The commercial makes no sense. I get it, nut and nut, ha... but the protection (condom/body guard, i know)? What does that have to do with a pistachio nut?


    i hope he is getting paid for this and i really hope he is giving some of this money to the baby!!


    have sarah palin's grand baby and you get your 15 minutes of fame!!

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