Leah Ignagni: The Other Steve McNair Mistress

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According to Nashville, Tenn., police, Leah Ignagni was dating the late NFL star Steve McNair at the time of his July 4 murder at the hands of lover Sahel Kazemi.

The other other woman recalled seeing a woman in a black Cadillac Escalade parked outside his condo 2-3 weeks before his murder. It is not clear who owns it.

However, Leah Ignagni also said the woman followed her and that she later saw the Escalade circling her block or parked outside her apartment 1-2 weeks later.

A 2007 black Escalade was co-registered to Sahel Kazemi and Steve McNair.

This backs up earlier case details that stated Kazemi was suspicious of McNair being involved with someone else. McNair was also married and had children.

Steve McNair mistresses Leah Ignagni, left, and Sahel Kazemi.

Leah Ignagni told police that McNair visited her around 4 a.m. on July 2, just a couple of hours after Kazemi's DUI arrest, and then the former Tennessee Titans star spent the night at Ignagni's apartment before leaving early July 3.

If this is to be believed, Steve McNair went to Leah Ignagni's house after he got Sahel Kazemi out of jail, which may have been the catalyst for her  murdering McNair then turning the gun on herself in the grisly murder-suicide.

Another theory was that McNair was about to break things off with Kazemi, who wanted to marry McNair, who was unwilling to end his marriage to wife Mechelle.

As for Leah Ignagni, she's still living in Nashville, just a footnote in a cautionary tale and one of the most tragic stories in a year full of them.


Yeah, John (June 18, 2010)! This female (Ignagni) is all these terrible things you say in your remarks. Yet you admit you dated her. You are DUMBER that McNair!


I also dated leah ignagni. She's had at least 2 abortions. Doesn't care if her boyfriend beats her, but he has to have a big dick and be tall. NO, SHE LITERALLY DOESN'T CARE IF THE TALL DUDE BEATS HER, BUT WILL STAY WITH HIM IF HE'S TALL AND HAS A BIG DICK. She's a user. All her boyfriends were tools to her. She's insane. She's a pot dealer. I could go on and on and on. She's white trash. She's actually half korean, but 100 percent white trash.


Aaaaah, Now we know the truth! He couldn't keep his d**k in his pants. Oh well. It also seems that he liked them young. Look at those little babies. Poor little things didn't really understand what was going on. He should have been dating more age appropriate women, not little girls and he'd still be here today. Dummy.


I"m sure Michelle Mcnair knew her husband was screwing around. So what she probably was too. She Michelle had the money,and didn't want for anything. My grandmother told me if a man cheat on you for another women he will cheat on the other woman as well. Women are so much discrete than stupid ass men if she had a man on the side I am sure no one knew but her and her man. We are smart.


None of this could have happened if the other women were not willing to cheat. It's just as simple as that. If people truly love themselves, coming in second would not be an option.


No one is all good or all bad,everyone makes mistakes and Steve paid the ultimate price for his.Let's just remember the good he did and have compassion for his wife and children.Let them all rest in peace!


McNair and none of these women deserve this outcome, but the side women knew exactly who he was and they responded to the fame and game. THEY made that decision to get involved and are just as accountable (or more so) for the sad outcome. How hard was it to find out this man was married? They could have walked away and didn't. I don't feel sorry for them.


Wow To me this is not tragic , what was he thinking, I know his wife is laughing all the way to the bank, because I would, Dumba@@ all is lost because men want their icecream and cake. And the only ones paying for this mishap is his sons.


Even if he was a womanizer, I don't think anyone deserves what he got.


TONY---I hope you changed your name as every woman married to "Tony" for 27 years will start to wonder. But frankly, you're disgusting. Too bad Steve was roaming around; one has to wonder what was missing in his life that he needed to be out every night instead of home with his kids, if not his wife. And also, all these nights out; who is fooling whom; of course his wife had to know something. Either she did not care or she cared so much about him, she tried to hold on. No matter what, I miss Steve McNair.

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