Sahel Kazemi Wanted to Marry Steve McNair

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Six months ago, former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair exchanged phone numbers with Sahel Kazemi, then 19 and working at Dave & Buster's restaurant.

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    Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi exchanged more than 50 text messages hours before she shot and killed herself and the former NFL star, police say.

    Leah Ignagni: The Other Steve McNair Mistress

    Nashville police say Steve McNair was also dating Leah Ignagni at the time of his death at the hands of lover Sahel Kazemi.

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    Steve McNair's blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit for driving when Sahel Kazemi murdered him.

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    Mechelle McNair, wife of the late Steve McNair, did not list two of the football star's children as heirs.

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    So sad for both. I am a bit angry at him for dating a girl not old enough to drink alcohol! I feel horrible for his wife and kids. If he just HAD to cheat, he should've paid an older pro who could keep her emotions in check!!


    So sad for both. I am a bit angry at him for dating with a girl no old enug to drink! I feel horrible for his wife and kids.


    Regards to the Familys!!!


    This poor confused young woman is just another victim of the current fad making it fashionable to go after “gangsta” “badboy” types,she probably felt ashamed and humiliated by this jerk who very likely could throw some footballs and run real fast but couldnt ven spell his own name.Hopefully women learn from this……


    Oh one more thing...if shit doesn't work out with the man I am with now, I still have residual I am not the dumb ass...I am a smart biatch...Have a wonderful night...I out for the weekend...spending my husbands money with my
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    Wayne come in the condo sees the bodies in blood he calls another friend Robert Gaddy???????so Robert can help with making everything look like they want it to look then call 911????????ha ha ha nashville plice is very smart or they got paid to feed everyone this bull shit.Dont you think if the girls parents were well known or rich there would be a different story??????????come on think about this.


    NASHVILLE POLICE THINK WE ARE STUPID TO BELIEVE THEIR STORY,why steve friend did not call police asap? had to call another freind so they can make it like this story that police is giving us bull s...common we are not stupid


    Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first start to deceive. When you cheat on your mate you cheat everyone evolved. He was so wrong and so was the 20 year old but she believed what he told her(poor thing) He was a public figure his wife knew... but he took both women through this and one of them snapped. Don't play with people hearts sometimes you get more than what you bargained for... Let this be a lesson to all cheaters, cheating is wrong and always turns out bad.



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