Joe and Nick Jonas Plan "Crazy, Good, Clean, Fun" Bachelor Party

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Before Kevin Jonas walks down the aisle with Danielle Deleasa, he'll walk into a bachelor party thrown for him that centers around strippers, cocaine and hours of unprotected sex with strangers.

That, or a few intense games of Bingo.

"It will be good, clean fun," Nick Jonas told People of the shindig he and Joe will host in honor of their sibling. "We're going to have a good time with friends and family."

Perhaps it will be a somewhat rowdy time, though, Joe admits, saying it won't take place in Las Vegas, but:

"[Kevin] wants to do golfing, but that just seems a little too normal. We have to do something outrageous and fun. Something crazy."

Best Brothers

Kevin himself as a lot of planning to do, as well.

He and Danielle have discussed a wedding in the Bahamas, but nothing is settled yet.

"We're in between a bunch of things right now like choosing dates and things like that, but we're just trying to figure everything out and we're enjoying it, we're having a blast," Kevin said. "I'm definitely into the planning process... It's fun and brings us together and we get to make a lot of decisions together."

Such as whether or not to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Rumors state this is a major hold-up in the engagement.


I am so happy for Kevin and Danielle. I really hope they do stay together unlike so many of the celebritys these days, I think they will they both have awesome hearts and obviously truely do love each other. Im glad that they desided to do a P.G bachelor party, but im also happy that Joe is going to try to do something wild even if it isnt the typical party it will have excitment im sure of that!!


hahah such good boys!


lol something crazy thats good, clean fun!!
hehe myu friend loves them but meh!! hehe i dont dislike them!!


I just don't understand why he is rushing into marriage. It isn't going to bring them closer. They are both young just wait a year and see how it goes. All well just have a crazy good party I guess.


i totally hate it when actors or singers say that their "vrigin" when at the end it end up begin false... but whatever...


im sure thatll be a rockin bachelor party


I doubt that bachelor party will be anything over PG13


im proud of them - what other males would do this? not many!!


they should hire a stripper but their wimps


these boys r just so damn squeaky clean

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