Jennifer Hudson Gushes About Baby, David Otunga

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Motherhood suits Jennifer Hudson, the American Idol star and Oscar-winner says.

"I love being nurturing and caring because I love to see other people happy," says the Chicago native. "Who better to devote my time to than my own child?"

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Jennifer gave birth to her first child, David – named after her fiancé, David Otunga – on August 10. From lullabies to bottle-feedings, she's been doing it all.

On keeping her pregnancy private: "David and I were the only people who knew for a long time. I would forget I was pregnant. I didn’t have any morning sickness, no cravings. I didn’t show until I was seven months so that made it easy."

On recovering from her c-section: "Everybody told me how much it was going to hurt afterward but I think I have a different tolerance for pain than others."

"By that night after I had the baby, I'm like, 'Look, I can’t sit in this bed anymore."

Jennifer Hudson and fiance David Otunga.

On the personality of the younger David Otunga: "He has a lot of personality, like David. He’s a good sleeper. His favorite time to smile now is diaper changes. Or when he spits up on you – he just cracks up like it’s the funniest thing."

"With a pacifier, it’s like he knows, ‘Ain’t nothing come out of here. No, I don’t want that. Where’s the real deal?’ His best friend is that bottle."

On her little guy's future career: "His father is an education fanatic so we definitely want him to go to school, get an education. My mom always said, 'Whatever you want to do, I'll support you as long as you’re happy.' So I will do the same."


i'm so happy 4 u girl?


Congrats J H! Love from the fan!


It is unfortunate that Jennifer Hudson is setting a very bad example for our young people, especially our young women. She professes religion while at the same time cohabitating and giving birth out of wedlock.Which is it. Can't have it both ways.


She's awesome and it's sweet to see how happy she is about motherhood, Congratulations


i lover and this is a nice article!! hehe


Jennifer Hudson is a very beautiful young lady, and she has a beautiful spirit. A very beautiful baby boy to a wonderful loving couple. God is in control and has favor on her life. Jennifer keep God first and let him lead the way.


congrats to the happy parents


She is so pretty she look really good. I think that she is going to be a good mother


Congrats Jennifer! You deserve a healthy and happy family!


What a cute little family, im glad she has something good and positve in her life after what she has been through.

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