Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer: Back On!

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After alleged summer flings with Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are back on as she scrapes the bottom of the dating barrel!

"He really got to her. She's hooked on him," a source tells Us. "She just can't let go." Funny, we heard the same about her and Brad, hence their secret meeting!

The couple got cozy in April 2008 after spending five days together in Miami, then dated for awhile, but went on to split twice - most recently in January 2009.

A source close to Mayer says "They are very close. They remain great friends. He thinks she's amazing, nice and smart, and has nothing but respect for her."

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Are Jen and Jon giving it another go? [Photo:]

Although they dined separately in NYC on September 22, a source tells they met later that night at the Four Seasons Hotel. Now that's proof right there.

Other reports have claimed they've been texting each other and recently dined with Aniston pals Courteney Cox and David Arquette. Consider us sold!

Jennifer Aniston says she "deeply, deeply cares" about the douchebag, whose next album, Battle Studies, comes out November 17. Can you blame her?

"There's something about John that she just can't resist," says a source.

That something is probably the appeal of not dying alone.

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Who cares she can have him


didnt even no they where together in the first place lol


Why is John Mayer a Douch bag? It takes two. He is good looking and very talented she should be so lucky.


I think they have identical personalities, John is funny, He is a good guitar player and singer also.


i really hope this lasts, she deserves to be happy again


oh well, her life, maybe, and im saying MAYBE he is sweet to her???


surely there can be NOTHING about john thats appealing... APPALING, maybe lol


come on Jen! you can do much better then this sleeze


i hate how everyone always says she's going to die alone, she's divorced not HIV positive or something. She can find a man if she wants maybe she's just enjoying life


jennifer aniston looks like a sweet person, she should date someone more mature and less douchey

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