Helen Harris-Scott Wants $50M of Michael Jackson Estate

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Don't hold your breath, Helen Harris-Scott.

The random nut job, who once claimed Michael Jackson communicated with her through his music, has just filed a creditor's claim against his estate, naturally.

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Mo' money, mo' problems, a wise man said.

Helen Harris-Scott filed the creditor's claim in L.A. County Superior Court on Friday, demanding an insane amount of money. Woman wants $50 million. Really.

Michael Jackson was an eccentric guy, and had myriad personal problems. But he's got nothing on the random wackos trying to grab a piece of his mammoth estate.

This isn't the woman's first legal battle with Jackson, either. Nor is it the first one she's likely to lose, or the first she probably concocted after a few too many drinks.

Helen Harris-Scott filed a lawsuit against Michael in 2006, claiming Jackson installed a tracking device in her car, wiretapped her phone and even had "organized criminals watching me inside my house in L.A. and reporting to him."

We're gonna guess that didn't happen.

Helen wanted $100 million from Michael Jackson then. She must be doing better for herself lately, since this time around, she's only asking for half that amount.

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It's sad how everyone wants a piece of him, let the man rest in peace and stop being so money hungry


what a weirdo Helend Harris-scott is, "michael was talking to me through his songs" WOW, nutttttt job


only HALF the amount? why couldnt this have been sorted when MJ was alive? because she probably knew that she would lose this case if it went to court


Does MichAEL jackson even have that kind of money any more? thought he was pretty much broke!


thats just sick (comments above) by "Micheal" its funny, cause the kid cant even spell "MICHAEL" propley!!!


my prayers have been answered by dear god!
MICHEAL IS ALIVE! i knew he wasnt dead!!
i even have that comment for proof!
im going to ring the news now. to tell them
of my realisations.


hello my dear fans.
i am sir michael jackson, and i have not passed away.
i am living on a small island in greece, called kalymnos. i am enjoying my time here as a "normal" person, and i am back to the way i used to be so peope dont recognise me.
peace out ;)


some people are just plain crazy


wow! that is really weird!!