Epic Mel Gibson DUI Arrest Expunged From Record

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It's now as if Mel Gibson's 2006 DUI arrest, which made for one of the more ridiculous stories in recent celebrity gossip memory, never even happened.

That's because Judge Lawrence Mira just signed legal documents in Malibu, Calif., expunging the misdemeanor DUI from the actor and director's record.

The judge noted the conviction still is relevant for "gun control purposes." It can also be used as a prior conviction if Gibson gets popped for DUI again.

Mel's lawyer, Blair Berk, requested the motion to dismiss on September 21 after Gibson successfully completed the terms of his three-year probation.

Smokin' Mel Gibson

SMOKED! Mel Gibson has wiped his record clear of his DUI arrest.

If you recall, Mel Gibson was pulled over for DUI, after which he was taken to a police station in what the cops called an arrest "without incident."

Later, a four-page report of the deputy's original notes were leaked, in which it was documented that Mel went on an insane anti-Semitic tirade.

In addition to saying Jews are to blame for the world's problems, he also tried to smash a pay phone and referred to a female cop as "sugar t!ts."

Mel pled no contest to misdemeanor DUI and was placed on three years probation. Gibson recently completed all the terms of said probation.

It's good that he can finally sort of put this behind him, and now he can prepare for the birth of his love child with Oksana Grigorieva in peace.


mel gibson is such a mess


i love how he makes a movie about jesus and then he calls someone sugar tits and said the jews are to blame. haha what a mess he is


Money can get anyone off anything


Lucky him getting off on the DUI. Too many celebs get out of these things, not quite fair to the rest of us.


Boooo. There are repercussions for actions for a reason. How are these celebrities supposed to learn from their actions if they can just shake money at it and it goes away?


dude needs to lay off the booze clean himself up and get back to making the good movies


he use to be someone now he is just a hot mess...


It's funny that he got away with it but man, that picture of him is bad!


For goodness sake give the man a break. Mel seems a genuine guy, he has paid the price for one night's madness. He had had a tough time since before making the Passion. His track record up to his arrest speaks for itself. He had just finished filming Apocalypto. I am sure Mel won't be the last guy to crack under pressure, get drunk and shoot his mouth off. Alcohol tends to bring out the worst in people. He apologised and paid for what happened that night. I wish him the strength of character to move on and the best of luck in whatever he decides to do. After all his years in the business, Mel is still full of surprises, he is a genuine and talented story teller.


gooood he should be in there.


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