D.A. Ready to Throw the Book at Richard Heene

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Balloon Boy's dad is about to get popped by the D.A.

Larimer County, Colo., investigators have presented their case to the District Attorney, meaning charges are imminent against masterminds (a misnomer if here there were one, as they are masterful at nothing) Mayumi and Richard Heene.

The District Attorney "will be making a charging decision as soon as we have had an opportunity to complete a careful review and analysis of this case."

Six-year-old Falcon Heene raised suspicions on CNN October 15 with his "for a show" comment, sparking debate over whether his parents really believed he crawled into a homemade balloon and drifted away. But that was just the beginning.

A search warrant released Friday revealed that Mayumi Heene confessed all.

Meanwhile, the Heenes and their three children are holed up in their Colorado home, where the front porch is dotted with flowers and messages of support.

What kind of idiots want to "support" these buffoons with anything but a kick in the pants, we have no idea, but it's nice that they have kind neighbors.

For the most part, the Heene family has kept a low profile since their ridiculous Balloon Boy hoax played out on national TV and was subsequently exposed.

After taking the family truck out for a short time, Richard Heene returned with his kids and hustled them inside the garage, said he was not talking to the press, and quickly shut the garage door," an eyewitness tells E! News.

"This happened in a span of 15 seconds."

Authorities say they won't be bringing any charges against the three minor Heenes, including Falcon Heene, the one whose disappearance was dramatically staged.

Richard and Mayumi aren't so lucky. They may face counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, attempting to influence a public servant and conspiracy.

We suppose being a liar and bad parent, and representing all that is soulless and wrong with America isn't a formal charge, but we'll settle for the above felonies.


Good the friggin loser deserves it and so does his wife. Those poor children


arrest both the parents, they're both trying to pimp their kids out like jon and kate. i'm sick of this type of parenting. send sometype of message other than acceptance.


Put the nuts behind bars where they belong. If someone doesn't step in and take those children they are going to be just as screwed up mentally as their piss poor parents.


Wait a minute. Dumbest parents on earth - almost - pull a stupid and illegal stunt for publicity, and then when the paps and cameras arrive, the dumb parents suddenly have nothing to say and run from the cameras? My my my. Guess you really can't have your cake and eat it too.


this guy obviously has a series of problems. have you seen the video footage of his rampages? this guy is a nut job. this lady needs to be offered a chance to get away from this guy.. its obvious that women in abusive relationships shutdown and fear for the safety of their children and themselves so they do whatever the abuser tells them to do..


The mother should not be charged. Please D.A. look at the history. She has been abused by this guy and was probally forced to go along w/ this. D.A. PLEASE ONLY ARREST RICHARD BEACUSE THIS WILL FREE HIS WIFE FROM CAPTIVITY. She will never tell on him because of fear and now he has her to take the blame. D.A. don't fall for his act. P.S. where are all the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE GROUPS AT??????? She is a victim............... BlogKingNyc is in no way supporting what they did but I really feel he was the mastermind and should be the only one charged............