Falcon Heene, a.k.a. Balloon Boy, Actually Hiding in Attic the Whole Time

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A six-year-old Colorado boy was believed to be trapped in a homemade balloon that was turned loose, sparking widespread hysteria earlier Thursday afternoon.

He was given an obligatory nickname - Balloon Boy - by the crazed media, which pounced on the breaking story faster than a Lindsay Lohan on an eight-ball. 

But in the end, it turns out Falcon Heene was never actually on it. Yes, the balloon Balloon Boy was on was completely empty. And yes, that's his real name.

The saga started when a giant silvery balloon floated away from the family's yard this morning, sparking a frantic rescue operation that involved military helicopters and briefly halted some departures from Denver International Airport.

But more than two hours after the balloon gently touched down in a field with no sign of the boy, Sheriff Jim Alderden turned to reporters during a news conference, gave a thumbs up and said 6-year-old Falcon Heene was "at the house."

"Apparently he's been there the whole time," he said.

NON-BALLOON BOY: Falcon Heene after he emerged from the attic.

The boy's father, Richard Heene, said the family was tinkering with the balloon and he scolded Falcon for getting inside a compartment on board the craft.

He said Falcon's brother saw him inside the compartment and that's why they thought he was aboard the balloon when it launched ... if you believe that.

Obviously, we are happy lil' Falcon is safe and sound, first and foremost.

But we can't help but wonder whether the country jumped the gun or if we got straight up punked by elaborate publicity stunt (Falcon’s family were one-time contestants on Wife Swap, which has raised more than a few sets of eyebrows).

Would it surprise you in the least in this Twitter-obsessed age? Just saying.

Anyway, here's a report about Balloon Boy (before he was found, of course):


i totally hate this little kid's parents! How stupid are they?? Fake their sons disapearance? Who does that???


...CRAZY kid... he didn't know what kind of trouble he had done..!!!!!


I don't know if it was a publicity stunt, but you can't blame parents for getting all crazy and desperate if they think their kids life might be at risk. Who wouldn't?


the kid said it himself "we did it for the show"
the parents are sick for making everyone worry just to get publicity and get a reality show out of it


for every few thousand great parents out there, there are these douches who make them all look bad


they actually made a balloon boy game out of this


i saw this and laughed tho: "Yo Balloon Boy, Imma let you finish, but Anne Frank had the best attic hideout spot of all time!" - Kanye West


what a totally retarded pr stunt


.........excuse my spelling........I MEANT H E E N E "father of the year??????" I think NOT


This was a HOAX....HOAX.....HOAX; and his father is behind the whole thing. If his father didn't want attention why would he have agreed to be on wife swap. i think he's just trying to be another Jon & Kate living off his sons and wife. get a life and please make him pay for the thousands of $ taxpayers are going to have to pay for his son's "safe return"..........get A LIFE HENNE

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