Kate Gosselin: Annoying, Answering "Fan" Questions

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Don't ask us how someone like Kate Gosselin has fans. Hey, everyone, this really mean, grating woman has eight kids! Everyone gather 'round the tube!

Whatever the reason, though, people are apparently interested in what she has to say. That or TLC's interns are just making up "fan" questions for her.

The 34-year-old future divorcée took part in a very special Q&A session on Monday's episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (soon to be renamed Kate Plus 8).

In response to the question, "Do you ever see yourself married again?" Kate Gosselin said "Seriously? You think now is a good time to answe that?"

Okay then.

"I struggle because I really don't want to be married again. Can you blame me? But I don't want to be alone. We shall see. Maybe when I'm 73 1/2."

Here's a question: Is that a dead porcupine on your head?

Other highlights from the "You Ask, Kate Answers" special:

  • Little kids hit each other a lot.
  • Kate wants to be in a movie someday.
  • She would like to move out of Pennsylvania.
  • She likes Patrick Dempsey and Tiger Woods.
  • Little boys Collin, Aaden and Joel are still talking about their recent trip to Wyoming and "they still want to be cowboys when they grow up."
  • "A healthy amount of money is put away for the kids, and it is safe," Kate promised fans. "It will not be touched other than for education."
  • "If you take care of yourself and try to look nice, it's reflective of how you feel about yourself," Gosselin says of her evolving fashion sense.

Follow the jump for a clip of Kate on last night's episode ...

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