Britney Spears' "3" Music Video: What Do You Think?

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After three preview clips (five freaking seconds each, spread throughout the day Thursday) and a word from her sponsor ("Fantasy" by Britney Spears, natch) the marketing machine has run its course and Britney Spears' new video is out.

Take a look at the uber-sexy, threesome-themed video and after you go take a cold shower, tell us what you think of it by voting in the poll below ...

What do you think of Britney Spears' "3" music video?


Even when I KNOW being fat will NEVER be sexy (no maettr how many self-esteem campaigns they throw), you're right curves and meat mean feminity. Bones mean hangers, period.


it just makes me sad that britney is like this now. she's starting to get better, but my biggest dream is to have her be like she was in 1998, 1999, and 2000. i wish her music was the same in those years i just mentioned too. she moved a lot better back then too. i want her hair to go back to that light brown too. i just loved the way she was in the 90's. she'll probably never change back though. i wish she would change back to a lot of things. but they're not gonna happen. i just wish she would realize...


she always uses her perfumes in these videos


Typical Britney, it's not bad


she s made a good come back with the circus album i like her more now than i did years ago she looking good


it kindof looks like it was made on a low budget


of course she doesnt move like she used to. maybe cus is has passed like 10 years, and maybe cus she had two kids too. so, i dont know what you guys expect of her, but she's no superwoman. she's just the best, but she's not God.
You should all say that the 17 years old Britney Spears was the one that gave everything and put everything to music, performance and everything we can imagine. After all, she still is a pop princess. Give her time and you will all see what she is still capable of. Yea, you're all right bout her body moves, it's not like the old times. But someone has the courage to say she ever quit ? Nop, so.. believe her.


Of course she's gorgeous as always.
Of course she doesn't move like she used to.
No 27 year old can move as fast or as quickly or as gracefully
as at age 17. Like all of us,her body is slowing down.
Britney is 2 years and 2 months away from middle age.


Hi um i so totaly


Ho hum, emphasis on the first syllable!


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