Audrina Patridge Splits with Corey Bohan (and Hates Kristin Cavallari)

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Audrina Patridge is quite happy and single, thankyouverymuch.

But still, she can’t sit back and watch man-eater Kristin Cavallari steal her on-off boyfriend, Justin Brescia, a.k.a. Justin Bobby, without some bitterness.

On the season premiere of The Hills, new star Kristin flirted with Justin-Bobby, telling off Audrina and pals. Last week, she and J-B hooked up for real.

Audrina believes that Justin and Kristin are “just trying to make a good show, start drama, and trying to hype it up and I understand that,” she said.

“But at the same time, have a heart.”

Single Audrina
The Bitch is Totally Back

These two aren't exactly fast friends. [Photos:]

"It’s hard to sit back and try to film with her and to try to be friends with her when someone is bashing you like that," Audrina Patridge says of Kristin.

Audrina, who is planning on doing her own reality show with Mark Burnett in December, is also turning a new page on the romantic front, leaving both Justin-Bobby and her most recent fling, BMX rider, Corey Bohan, in the dust.

“Corey and I are not together, we actually broke up a few weeks ago,” she said. “I couldn’t give 110 percent like he wanted, so I decided to break it off.”

As for Justin and Kristin's fake relationship, Audrina says she's come to terms with it. We don't expect her to be invited to the fake wedding, though.

Whose side are you on?


team kristin. based soley on the fact that while audrina claims that she understands that kristin and justin are just tyring to bring drama to the show, she still acts like a bitter little baby about it. i could understand her feeling this way if kristin and justin were actually dating, but they aren't. and audrina isn't even dating justin anymore, so why the hell is she so bent out of shape over him and kristin keeping this show entertaining?


What's all the fuss with Justin-Bobby, Kristin and Audrina. Recap... Last Season Audrina broke this stupid girl code (she keeps mentioning in season 6)and hooked up with Brody (Lauren's previous fling) told Justin-Bobby she doesn't want anything to do with him and not to call her. Enter this season Kristin meets Justin and hooks up with him. Girls code (as once again Audrina's brought twice) Kristin owes her nothing she ain't friends with her. Justin do your thing, your free and single and actually scrub up well now you've had a wash. Lauren made that show and now it's a bunch of nothing, it's like everyone's just trying to fill her shoes. Minus 5... lol


audrina obv!! aww that is so sad about corey! i loved him aswell as her!!


Kristin has a filthy mouth, her and Justin belong together.
Glad she is in… that way she’ll save Audrina from that weird creep.


Team Audrina all the way!


Nothing wrong with Team Cavalari ;)


audrina is so weird looking they need to put someone attractive on the show and kristin's it


hey kristin was put on the show to create drama and it's obviously working


shes right the only reason she is doing it is to make drama. but i bet the people running hills told her to do it.


I love it how they bought Kristen into the show - at least we wont have to see spedi all the time!

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