Meghan McCain: Levi Johnston is an Absentee Dad, Tila Tequila is a Fighter!

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As you've probably seen and heard (approximately once a week for the past two months) Levi Johnston has been on a media tour bashing Sarah Palin.

Last year, Levi knocked up the former Alaska Governor and Republican V.P. candidate's teenage daughter Bristol, then pretended to be engaged to her until the campaign was over. Now that it is, Levi's not holding anything back!

But Meghan McCain, daughter of Palin's running mate John McCain, thinks he should focus his time and effort elsewhere. Like on raising his baby son.

"I think he should go back to Alaska and take care of his baby, which he claims he wants to be doing, but I just see him going to events," Meghan said.

Not posing in Playgirl? Come on, Megs, cut him some slack!


Meghan McCain offers criticism of Levi, and encouragement for Tila.

Speaking to Us Weekly at a launch party for fashion blog CocoPerez in New York, the 24-year-old McCain, who is friends with Bristol Palin, said of Levi:

"If I had a child, I would be at home taking care of it."

It's not an unfair statement. Tripp Johnston, Levi's son with Bristol Palin, will be nine months old later this month, and he's been trying to pay the bills with countless interviews. But how smart is it to keep ripping Tripp's grandma?

In any case, Meghan also said her dad is "doing good" and "keeping busy," while her BFF Tila Tequila is also hanging in there. Yes, they really are friends.

Tila recently claimed San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman roughed her up over Labor Day weekend, but the D.A. decided not to press charges.

"My heart goes out to her," Meghan said. "I think she's going to do a civil trial. Obviously, I think any abuse towards a woman is just reprehensible."

Added the younger McCain of her pal Tila, "She's a fighter!"

Sure thing. Click here for more Meghan McCain pictures!


When one considers the military and war monger that John McCain is, it is a delight to hear his daughter Meg McCain--unlike her Dad, she did not party her way through schoo and get passed on because of her Dad's Influence--she is intelligent and it is people like her that we need to get involved in Politics--Too bad she has to be a Republican as her ideas and talks all are comparable to the Democrats--Am highly impressed with Meg and feel she definitely had to get her brain power from her mom as her Dad is a man who should have flunked out of school, got shot and captured and was a Prisoner of War--How that makes him such a hero I will never understand--Meg is the complete opposite of her Dad--she is sharp and well aware of events--Love her and hope to hear more of her great comments especially towards the "nut cases" like O'Donnell- I'd certainly be highly supportive of her even if she is a Republican


I read on twitter that Tila's goit married today. Who's the lucky one?


Megan needs to get a life. She seems to have no purpose in life but to irritate people. She needs a job that will allow her to contribute to society. s


Both of those women are really unattractive, especially Meghan McCain.


Jeezuz! You look like a damn drag queen with those big ole shoulders! Maybe you were the one who roughed up Tila? Did she pay you well to put bruises on her?

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